The science behind INVIGO

What makes INVIGO so different? It’s all down the trio that makes up INVIGO-Blends – ingredients, advanced technology and vitamins

“If I had to use three words to describe the new INVIGO care service, it would be easy, instant and personalised. It really delivers instant, visible hair care”
– Christian Wood, Wella Professionals celebrity stylist ambassador
Wella Professionals INVIGO products are formulated with high performance INVIGO-Blends – new ingredients, advanced technology and vitamins – that are carefully selected for each line within the INVIGO range to offer tailored care solutions for all hair needs.

The technology features across the entire INVIGO line-up and is the key to offering your clients the chance to recharge their hair, both in-salon and at home.

“We all know that the stresses and strains of modern life can have a massive impact on our diet, sleeping habits and overall health including hair,” explains Kerstin Meyer-Lipp, Research & Development senior director Product Development, COTY. “Women with a hectic life have very limited time to take care of their hair resulting in dull, brittle and fragile locks. The new Wella Professionals INVIGO care products recharge their hair with high performance solutions that provide hair vibrancy, nourishment and volume.”

Discover how Wella INVIGO can help your clients recharge their hair here: