The Tartan Technique by Rae Palmer

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Education, Techniques

raepalmer_educationpanelRae Palmer embraces the classic woven wool pattern to deliver a high-fashion colouring technique

As seen in the A/W16 issue of Creative HEAD’s Colour Forecast, Rae Palmer’s ‘WeLove Blue’ collection explores the colour blue and all its varying degrees and depths, fusing accents of colour with parallel patterns and tantalising textures. One such technique is the Tartan, featuring criss-crossed bands akin to iconic Scottish kilts. Here, Rae breaks down just how she did it…


Step 1: The model’s hair was already pre-lightened to a pale yellow so no bleaching was necessary. However, we did cleanse and tone with Revlonissmo 10.1 and 3% before applying RevlonNutri Creme Blue to ensure the cleanest blonde undercoat. Achieving the best blue requires no warmth to the undercoat so this step was crucial to ensure it was clean and cool.

Step 2: To create our high-fashion Tartan technique, after bleaching we created a tartan pattern on foil. These foils were placed around a halo section, following the pattern on the foil.

Step 3: Each section of the hair was then placed onto the patterned foil. Using an artist’s brush, we then coloured in the pattern on the foils.

Step 4: We used the Revlon Nutri Creme Blue mixed with water to create a lighter and pure tone as a secondary blue.

Step 5: The Revlon Nutri Creme Red accent colour was then used to create the woven tartan effect.

WeLove Blue

Hair: Rae Palmer for WeLove using Revlon Professional.
Photography: Richard Miles.
Styling: Bernard Connolly.
Make-Up: Sarah Jagger.


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