Glam Mod – Step by Step

This is a story of contradiction. The mod trend is associated with short hair and tailoring – throughout history we find movements of young girls defining themselves through short, boyish haircuts, including the current trend of gender fluidity. Glam Mod presents a variation on the contrast between the sharp and the feminine. The technique is less strict – in its construction are well-placed disconnected segments allowing for movement and softness

TIMCHedu_GlamModstepbystep1 TIMCHedu_GlamModstepbystep2 TIMCHedu_GlamModstepbystep3 TIMCHedu_GlamModstepbystep4 TIMCHedu_GlamModstepbystep5 TIMCHedu_GlamModstepbystep6 TIMCHedu_GlamModstepbystep7 TIMCHedu_GlamModstepbystep8 TIMCHedu_GlamModstepbystep9TIMCHedu_stepbystep10


Hair and Creative Direction: Tim Hartley
Photography: Andrew Gilbert
Production and Creative support: Karen Lowe
Clothes and Styling: Giuseppina DeCamillo