In my kitbag


  • A dream kit begins with good combs! Cesibon from Japan has been my fave rave for 20 years now – the original and best cutting comb ever. Then I love a good barbering comb, plus a wide-tooth Beuy.
  • There is too much welding out there. Get a beautiful vent brush and see how hair falls and what it does when it’s wet. Think about how the hair needs to be cut and tell your client or model what they need to be fabulous. Once you have a beautiful haircut, aftercare should be easy. I love a good Vess brush, as do all our friends in Japan. Plus I always have a nice finishing brush like a Mason Pearson and the funny wooden ones everyone gets in Paris – love the romance!
  • Choose the best scissors you can afford – TH5.5s Japan is the spiritual home of the blade.
  • An Ego hairdryer and iron won’t destroy the hair and they are so light. Be mindful of the overweight in your bag when you travel.
  • Clips! Carry classic silver and pin curl pin clips as you can bet your life you won’t find them when you’re travelling.
  • I always have a good pair of electric clippers – and battery ones, just in case.
  • See-through cases and bags from Muji mean you can see everything you have; use a pencil case for your combs and a roll for your scissors.
  • Carry a nice collar so the darn hair doesn’t travel south. A good kimono-shape gown works for girls and boys and you won’t have to use one of the naff ones that are given away as freebies.
  • Carry a good leave-in spray conditioner because hair is always wrecked these days! I want my own manufacturer – please note!
  • And finally, pack your iPad so you can show your clients and models your visions of hair arcadia!
  • I love Diptyque miniature candles and a Jambox for ambience.
  • These all go into a Porter or Northface bag, depending on budget.
  • Keep it simple. Love, grace and passion will lead you where you want to go.