Tips on cutting Afro-Caribbean or type 3 and 4 hair


  • Always overload very coarse hair with either a treatment or conditioner so it can be combed through easily ready for the very technical pre-cut
  • Take time for a thorough consultation to assess the individual qualities of each person’s hair – watch out for multi-texture and weak hairlines
  • Always cut the hair as technically as the texture will allow. Even a one-length simple line becomes three-dimensional once it’s dry
  • Once the hair is dry and expanded it’s good to play with your free hand and visual assessment as this will accommodate multi-textures.
  • Always keep firm tension on very strong, coarse texture and only apply freehand techniques on dry hair
  • Seamless works best on outlines as it complements bone structure.  Always have a vision and keep it simple
  • Clippers are a must for a sculptural look and also for the hairlines. As with scissors, always buy top of the range – you wont regret it!
  • It is very important to take time for clean sections – it’s the only way for a beautiful result! Keep your sections fine so you can see the previous one each time
  • A tIp on cutting wet to dry: curly hair is much shorter when dry so be mindful of the initial sections and carefully assess elasticity – the line can then be refined if necessary
  • A tip on one length: tension will create slight graduation. Take your time as this is the foundation of your shape
  • Keep layers as long as possible at the top as this will give softness and dimension to the shape
  • When graduating this type of hair, ensure you work with the natural texture

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