Two models; four styles – step by steps

When the KMS Global Style Council got together to create the looks behind the recent relaunch of KMS, they had one thing only at the forefront of their minds: to show style matters. Be it high street or high fashion, style matters. Here, the Style Council reveals how you can recreate four of the looks from the KMS collection for both your male and female clients, taking them to the dizzy heights of couture styling to keeping it real with street style…

One girl, two styles – which one will your client go for?

Beate – high
START:  After shampooing, spray MOISTREPAIR Leave-in Conditioner into towel-dried hair for lightweight conditioning. Comb through.

STYLE: Work HAIRPLAY Styling Gel through towel-dried hair to achieve long-lasting control and shine. Gently diffuse hair and use your hands to achieve more texture.

FINISH: Spray HAIRSTAY Anti-humidity Seal all over the hair for shine and humidity protection.

Beate – street
START: Use COLORVITALITY shampoo and conditioner to preserve colour vibrance.

STYLE: Emulsify a small amount of ADDVOLUME Texture Creme in your hands until you can’t see the product anymore. Apply it to towel-dried hair for additional volume.  With the dryer on a slow speed, use your hands to create a loose texture. 

FINISH: Spray HAIRSTAY Working Hairspray to dry hair for moveable hold.

One boy, two styles – which one will your client go for?

Joey – high
START: Use MOISTREPAIR Shampoo to replenish moisture and repair damage and MOISTREPAIR conditioner to improve elasticity and manageability.

STYLE: Apply HAIRPLAY Liquid Wax to towel-dried hair for the support and control of a gel but with the flexibility and shine of a wax. For a stronger hold, use in dry hair.

FINISH: Once hair is dry, spray HAIRPLAY Dry Wax for extra texture and work through with your hands.

Joey – street
START: Use MOISTREPAIR Cleansing conditioner to clean and condition hair in one step and to prep it for styling.

STYLE: Apply CURLUP Perfecting Lotion into damp hair to enhance natural curls. Wrap large sections of the hair around your fingers and blow-dry on a low setting.

FINISH: Once hair is dry, spray HAIRSTAY Working Hairspray for a moveable hold.