Real English – Step by step, by Mark Woolley

Mark Woolley (owner of the Electric Hairdressing salon group) and Charlotte Cave (salon owner and session stylist) joined forces at Electric’s studio in Brighton to produce a collection exclusively for Creative HEAD. The result of this meeting of creative minds? Hair is ‘beautifully undone’ – loosely styled, light on product and effortlessly cool. Working together for the first time ever, together Mark and Charlotte have masterminded something special – refreshingly real, and expertly crafted.

“The thing I love about this look is it’s very undone, it’s very London. My feeling is hair is getting straighter again – it still has size and separation but it’s undone and it’s natural”
– Mark Woolley

UndoneMark2_stepbystep1 UndoneMark2_stepbystep2 UndoneMark2_stepbystep3UndoneMark2stepbystep4

Hair: Mark Woolley and Charlotte Cave using Electric products
Make-Up: Janeen Witherspoon
Fashion: Hemyca London
Photography: Alexander Jordan

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