Want to become an in-demand colourist? This is the course you need to go on

by | 26 Mar 2018

You’re already a good colourist, but doing highlights day in, day out can stem the creativity somewhat. Wella knows this, which is why the brand called upon its Colour Club members to inspire colourists creatively and help them filter this down when working with clients back in the salon.

What is the Wella Colour Club?

This is a unique concept designed to create two-way communication between the colour manufacturer and colourist to raise the colour industry to a whole new level.

Each member of the club has been carefully selected for their technical knowledge, creativity, industry experience and their passion towards colour.

The Colour Masterclass is hosted by members of the Wella Colour Club for colourists keen to get an insight into the minds of true colour geniuses. The Wella Colour Club promises that the course will open your mind and help your creativity, but more importantly it will show you how you can use this to achieve commercial success in the salon.

The most recent Colour Masterclass took place in Manchester and was hosted by  Colour Club member and award-winning colourist, Robert Eaton from Russell Eaton. He shared invaluable insights on how to become one of the most in-demand stylists in UK.

On the Colour Masterclass, colourists will:

  • Enjoy demonstrations and tutorials
  • Take part in workshops with live models
  • Learn the latest trends and to reinvent them to excite clients
  • Push their boundaries as they take their creativity to an extra dimension
  • Discover the colour secrets and styling tips that guest artists use to create their collections.

Key dates for the diary:

Wella World Studio London

26 March – Clayde Baumann, D&J Ambrose

26 April – Dan Spiller, Marc Antoni

1 May – Sean Nolan, HOB Salons

2 July – Jayson Gray, aka Karbon Kyd

3 September – Claire Chell, Francesco Group


23 April – Claire Chell, Francesco Group

19 June – Dan Spiller, Marc Antoni

7 August – Izzy Churcher, HOB Salons


21 May – Clayde Baumann, D&J Ambrose

16 July – Claire Chell, Francesco Group

Book it! Call your nearest Wella Studio:

Wella World Studio London: 020 3650 4700

Wella Studio Manchester:  0161 834 2645

Wella Studio Dublin: 0141 609 00

For more information, visit wella.co.uk/education
or follow @wellahairuk #wellastudiouki

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