Welcome to the House of Innovation

As we reveal the winners of its House of Innovation competition, Headmasters’ curriculum and technical education consultant, Naomi Cotter, explains why this apprentice contest is a vital component in its education

“We started the House of Innovation competition to give our apprentices the opportunity early on to boost motivation and build a portfolio, learn session tricks and to have lots of fun! It  gives them the encouragement to see and believe where their training can take them in the hairdressing industry.

“Everyone in the company loves this time of the year as it’s so inspiring to see the hard work and effort that the apprentices put into this project. To make it even more exciting for the apprentices, we ask guest judges such as Andrew Barton, Adam Reed, Sophia Hilton and Jeremy Davies Barbala to choose the winning images. The whole of the Headmasters team is involved in the Company Choice Award via our internal social media group. Everyone in the company gets to vote for their favourite look, which it’s a great way to showcase to all of their managers and teams the hard work their apprentices have put into their finished image.

“Education should be fun and inspiring. The House of Innovation competition creates a buzz and excitement in their training and also gives the apprentices confidence in themselves when they see what they can achieve so early on in their career.”