What I’ve learned… About curating a collection

Akos Bodi has been creating collections with Pat and Anthony Mascolo for 12 years now

Incredibly, Anthony and Pat Mascolo have created a collection, available in book and video format, every year since 1980. That’s 37 collections – and counting.

With an enduring belief in sharing ideas and offering education to push hairdressers to progress their work both technically and creatively, today the TIGI Collections form the basis of TIGI global education, taught in their Academies, in shows and seminars and now with content available on the TIGI App 24/7.

For the past 12 years Akos Bodi, TIGI European Creative Director, has worked with Anthony and Pat on the evolving collections. He points out that a “collection” is, as the name applies, a collective of ideas. Whilst the immediate references might come from the previous six months, this is not about cutting off what has been previously created – it’s a natural progression, the latest step in a continual work flow.

The Collection is never static. So from the time the shoot has happened and the images have been chosen, designed into a book and printed, the work will already have evolved. This, Akos points out, makes your work relevant all the time. So if the students who attend a course this month chose to return a few months later, they would see a different slant on the collection.

It is, Akos says, built on TIGI’s DNA, based on those early foundations Anthony created, using techniques that root back to TIGI Classics and creating material that is easy to read and understand.