What I’ve learned… about getting your name out there

Multi-award winning hairdresser Charles Worthington MBE should know a thing or two about building a profile – just think of those gorgeous salons, that eponymous product range, all those TV appearances and an honour from Her Majesty! So, what would he advise a hairdresser looking to get their name out there…?

“When we started the business, my partner Allan Peters did the PR and marketing for the salon. In the early days, he would call up Vogue or The Clothes Show and say to them: ‘You need to be using Charles’, and they would reply: ‘Charles who?’. They would say they were busy or didn’t need anyone, and put the phone down. But you need to be persistent. We’d call a month later and say: ‘Charles has done this new collection…’ and they would respond: ‘Charles who…?’

“But then after a while, because your name starts to resonate (because you’ve called them up and mentioned it a few times!), they start to say: ‘Oh yes, we know Charles’, and that was how I got one of my lucky breaks, on The Clothes Show. Allan called up one day and said: “You really show consider Charles…” and they replied: ‘Oh my goodness, somebody has just pulled out, we do desperately need a hairdresser’, and that was it!

“In the early days, you or somebody else must put YOU out there and let people know who you are, what you’re about, and then one day that break will hopefully arrive, and they’ll know your name. And if you’re persistent, you WILL get that break.

“But do please remember – be nice to people along the way. You never know when you’re going to need them again!  Be nice to the runners on TV shows, they will be the producers tomorrow. If you know how to play the game, it helps.”


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