What I’ve learned… about posting on Instagram

Adam Bryant, the co-founder of Ethos Hairdressing in Manchester, on why he insists on integrity for each and every personal Instagram post

There is a lot of pressure these days on social media to achieve the greatest reach possible, particularly on Instagram. It’s all about numbers and ‘likes’ and this can be very distracting when you’re trying to have a clear voice and tell a story on your page.

My first ever Instagram post was an image from an art installation at the Royal Academy’s Summer Show, reading ‘All schools should be art schools’. This became my inspiration to ensure that all my Instagram posts had integrity. As someone who is visually-led and, to a degree, obsessive about how things look, I feel compelled to carefully consider every post I make on Instagram so that it remains a true reflection of how I see things. I consider my feed as something that I’m continually curating and my main objective is to inspire and create interest in what I enjoy looking at, giving it what I hope is an individual approach.

I am also a big believer in showing a personal side of my life on my Instagram page. I do post images of my life, but only if they are aesthetically pleasing and fit with my narrative. I don’t like to post anything too exposing or invade the privacy of my partner for instance, so I post this content in a way that’s subtle, while contributing to my story.

To illustrate my point, these images (above) are from a trip that I took to Florence to art direct a shoot for Italian hairdresser Fabio Colucci. I was there for three days and wanted to document my time there without overdoing it. I wanted each image to have a purpose; the two almost abstract images were a teaser of Fabio’s collection, the image of the apartment was to say thank you to him for putting me up, the image of the clothing store to thank them for providing the clothes for the shoot, and a couple of images to show the beautiful locations that we shot in.

When it comes to our Ethos Hairdressing Instagram account (examples above), I have to think more commercially however I do maintain the same sort of approach as my personal page. Clean and simple images stand out, so this is definitely something that I carry on into the salon page. The Ethos account is aimed at both our clients and the industry, so the content is focused on both our photographic and education work, as well as our in-salon looks and product information.

I can only advise on my way of doing things on Instagram, so make your message clear and don’t feel the pressure of what or how much you should be posting!

Follow Adam on Instagram at @adam_m_bryant

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