What I’ve learned… about trusting your gut

Sam Burnett, creative director at London salon Hare&Bone, ventured full time into the world of session after working for more than a decade at a major salon chain. After a year or so, the pull of the salon was too hard to resist, and he opened his own independent salon, Hare&Bone, in early 2015


We can be very critical of ourselves and of our choices. Sometimes I find myself look backing and thinking, ‘What if’ or, ‘Maybe I should have…’, particularly when I’m looking at somebody else’s career whom I admire. It can make me think: ‘I should have done it like that’ and allow some doubt to creep in…

Instead of opening my first salon at the age of 26, I could have moved into the world of session work full time. And maybe I should have taken a year out to travel the world before committing to a full-time career? And maybe I should have specialised in one discipline – cut, colour or styling? The list goes on…

As I have become older I have grown in confidence and learnt to trust my gut feelings; they have guided me to where I am today. We make the choices we do, at the times we do, because those choices are the right ones for us in that moment.

Of course, doing things in our own way makes us unique and this, in my opinion, is the key to success. I live by the Oscar Wilde quote: ‘Be yourself, because everyone else is already taken.’ I remind myself of it every day. You have to believe in yourself, trust your own ideas and carve your own path. If you have a vision and truly believe in it, then you have to hold on to that and keep driving forward.

And be kind to yourself – you know you better than anyone else!