What I’ve Learned… about my hands

“I was always told at college that my hands would be my most important tool and I have never forgotten that. It’s an obvious fact, but often forgotten, that without them I’d be totally buggered!

“Through out my years I have realised that I do so much just with my hands – they give you total control. Once I have prepped hair and put it into place, I pretty much always finish hair with my hands, adding hair spray with my fingers to smooth or texturise, to clean up a hair line, and to apply product so that it can’t be seen in the finished style.

“Don’t get me wrong, I could not do without my kit – and over the years I have collated an epic kit bag! – but I love my hands and they never cease to surprise me!

“It all makes me smile – in primary school one of my teachers told me that I’d never do anything with my hands. She said I had absolutely no head-to-hand coordination and to give up on the idea of ever doing anything creative. What a nice thing to say to an eight year old…

“So it makes sense that looking after your hands properly is essential – I use Soaper Duper Zesty Lemon hand wash and Byredo Suede hand cream throughout the day. I also use any time I’m travelling – whether on the bus to work or long haul flying – to really exercise my hands and shoulders. Most of the time I have a silicone ball on me to exercise my hands, which I use along with some hand stretching techniques that a client shared with me a couple of years ago. I actually find that my hands ache the most when I have a lot of admin to catch up on and I’m typing, but I do wish that I had looked after the muscles in my hands and shoulders a lot more when I was a younger stylist. It’s strange but nobody really talked about RSI then; I think that it’s so important to look after the limbs that allow us to work.”