Why you need Instagrammable hair

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Education

Louise Curran, from Headmasters’ PR and marketing team, and Jonathan Soons, Headmasters Artistic Ambassador, explain why you need to think ‘social media’ when planning a photographic collection

“Social media is an integral part of consumer life with more and more brands allocating budget specifically to social platforms to engage clients. At Headmasters we pride ourselves on giving clients beautiful, fashionable, confidence boosting hair and realised that while using our window campaigns on social was successful, we needed to offer something a little more low key as well.

“We created everyday images – enough to inspire a week of hair ideas – where the viewer could imagine being that person on their street, in their coffee shop, on their way back from yoga. It’s more lifestyle than our window campaigns and is shot in and around our salons in London and the South East, so clients will recognise the areas and has an everyday girl feel.

“The PR team plans the looks with artistic team in advance, looking at hair trends (such as jewellery in hair) and style with each season in mind.  Each look has a certain amount of skill and aspiration but should be like the kind of look the viewer wants to create at home, so it has an easy, un-retouched feel to it.

“We plan on shooting them seasonally so the imagery is of the moment and something viewers can relate to. We have definitely reaped the benefits, as our following has increased by about 27 per cent in four months!”

Hair: Jonathan Soons and Suzanne Alphonse
Photography: James Kemmenoe
Make-up: Melanie Kyle

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