How to work a high pressure event

Jonathan Andrew is no stranger to high pressure events – in fact, you could say he thrives on them. Having worked on the X Factor with Jamie Stevens, and now as a regular stylist at the National Television Awards, the Most Wanted Male Grooming Specialist knows exactly how to handle the heat.

“Our team has been doing the NTAs for four years now so we’ve got a really good system to make sure everything runs smoothly,” Jonathan explains. “We work with stylists from Matrix and we know what works for high pressure events now. After years of working on the X Factor, we’re dab hands at speedy styling – these are my top tips…”

  1. Arrive early – There’s nothing worse than arriving at a venue late, as it just adds unnecessary stress. Always aim to arrive a bit early in case of unforeseen circumstances, and so you can get to know the venue and set up.
  2. Know which products are your best friends for styling – This isn’t the time to start trying something new, so stick with the multi-taskers that you know really work.
  3. Check the practical elements beforehand – How many plugs have you got access to? Have you got tables? What else do you need?
  4. Hello dry shampoo! – You never know what hair people will turn up with, but dry shampoo will always help sort it out. No question.
  5. Make sure that you have got the right tools for every job – Fortunately, at the NTAs, diva provided us with everything we could possibly need to cover every look! Trust me, there is nothing worse than being without something, because I assure you that’ll be the one thing you will need…


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