‘XY’ by Simon Webster Hair

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Education

From gender-free pricing to gender-free styles – the team at Simon Webster Hair explain how labels have been banished in their salons and in their latest collection, ‘XY’…

“Gender-free services are something we have firmly believed in since founding Simon Webster Hair in 2012. Our genderless menu came about because we were very conscious of the fact that while female clients often booked what is traditionally considered a ‘men’s cut’, it was rare that a man would book a service labelled as ‘female’. We also had several clients and friends who were transitioning, and some who identified as non-binary.

“The concept of labelling services by gender quickly became ridiculous and impractical, so we decided to simply charge by the time taken. This approach quickly gained support from our clientele as well as garnering interest from the press, and recent social debates have now increased awareness of gender status and a changing understanding of how individuals identify.

“Our brand outlook at Simon Webster Hair has always been very client-centric and our salon campaigns feature and celebrate self-scouted models from our client base. They are our daily muses and the foundation of our business, so our brand imagery reflects that. ‘XY’ was a two-model shoot inspired by two specific clients and was designed to celebrate the rawness and beauty of shape and styling, irrespective of gender. It is not about gender neutrality of the individuals, but how haircuts have no gender restrictions.

“We want ‘XY’ to promote and support our inclusive ethos, underlining that gender neutrality is not a trend. Our abolition gender labels across our menu is an initiative to provide a more bespoke service and equality of pricing for all. It is a movement towards a more inclusive and progressive approach, encompassing freedom of choice, freedom of expression and freedom of identity for all.”

Hair: Lora Griffin and Hannah de Frateschi, Simon Webster Hair, Brighton
Make-up: Harleigh Slaughter
Photography: Chris Bulezuik
Styling: Laura James Design

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