You’re making us blush

To celebrate Charles Worthington Salons’ 30th anniversary, the iconic brand has unveiled a colour-centred photographic collection called VIBE. The focus this summer is on its BE BLONDE BLUSH LIGHTS – an innovative cocktail of foils and balayage, exclusively designed to create striking, aureate, sun-kissed colour. These are hi-definition blondes – here, creative manager Katie Allan explains how she gets her blonde clients blushing…

Step 1

Choose a colour A, one-to-two shades lighter than the base colour, and a colour B three-to-four shades lighter (normally a pre-lightener)

Step 2

Use colour A in foils and scatter around the parting and crown for natural, subtle lightness with a baby light technique

Step 3

Use colour B in a Balayage style inbetween the foils, skimming the product from halfway down the hair shaft to the ends. Then use a skim technique on the mid band and a saturate technique on the ends for heavier colour

Together, these three steps will give a beautiful and natural transition of dark to light!