Embellished ponytails by James Earnshaw for Cloud Nine

In a festive celebration of style, James Earnshaw embraces his inner experimentalist to create looks for Creative HEAD’s Christmas cover shoot with Cloud Nine. Here’s how to created an embellished ponytail with luxe volume and movement

Finished look

Step 1

Smooth the hair and create a slight bevel on the end using the Cloud Nine Wide Iron – turning it slightly as you reach the ends of the hair.

Step 2

Spray hair with a dry shampoo and use a dressing brush to work through, creating an airy texture. Then use your hands to messily divide the hair into two low side ponytails, securing with elastic (I used a beautiful metallic rose gold colour) and making sure you leave strands of hair free around the face. NB make sure you have an equal amount of spare elastic on each side left over – you will be using this to wrap the ponytails, next.

Step 3

Starting from the top of the ponytails, wrap the two lengths of elastic around the hair in opposite directions, crossing over as you work down the hair. When you reach about half-way down, cross over in the reverse direction – moving back up the pony to the top and tie to secure.

Step 4

Using the Cloud Nine Micro Iron, pinch the top sections all the loose strands of hair to create more volume and soft movement. Finish by spritzing with hairspray.

Tool Kit
Cloud Nine Wide Iron
Cloud Nine Micro Iron
YS Park Dressing Brush
Balmain Dry Shampoo
Balmain Strong Hold Hairspray

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