Enforced and protected

Delicate hair structures can pose a challenge during lightening processes, and minimising damage to maximise hair health continues to be a high priority for all colourists.

Schwarzkopf Professional’s revision of the BLONDME range of toners to incorporate built-in Bond Enforcing Technology reflects this need, and brings the range in line with the rest of the BLONDME colour family.

Designed specifically to work with BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ and the new BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener, all the BLONDME toners are ammonia-free and have a pH neutral application mixture. This stops the hair cuticle from being reopened again post-lightening process, reducing any additional stress on the hair after the lightening process.

Each toner also has a new gel-crème consistency that can be applied by brush or bottle, offering you more versatility when it comes to application. The formula is now easier to distribute, allowing for faster application, especially useful when those long hair clients sit in your chair!

In addition, BLONDME Bond Enforcing Hydrolock Technology has been incorporated into all the BLONDME toners to ensure that the hair’s inner moisture level is maintained throughout the toning process, leading to hydrated lengths, optimum hair quality, and a perfectly toned blonde result. After all, it’s important to remember (and to remind clients!) that toning is an essential step when ‘going blonde’ – often described as the ‘icing on a cake’. Only a toner can ensure a superior blonde result with sophisticated tone enhancement or perfect neutralisation.

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