Five easy ways to get greener

by | 31 Oct 2022

Whether you want to add them to your New Year’s resolutions or get cracking right away, these are five steps you can take towards greater salon sustainability.  

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Green Review Your Suppliers 

Salon brands are aware of the power of the green customer, but each responds to their concerns in different ways. Researching your retail partners green practices— from ingredients sourcing, to manufacturing and distribution— can give both you and your clients peace of mind. Moyo Hair & Beauty became Ireland’s first official Oway salon in September. Founder Kevin Bodenham was attracted by the Bologna-based brand’s biodynamic farming, carbon neutrality, and plastic-free status. “Almost all the products’ ingredients are grown on a farm next to where the manufacturing happens,” says Kevin. “I felt the brand’s philosophy was very much aligned with our own.” 

Send in the plants 

Bringing the outside into your business is healthful for both minds and bodies, with species like peace lilies and fern arum proven to improve air quality. Flower plants can smell wonderful and bring matching interiors to life. Plants like the dual-toned Philodendron brasil  are perfect for salons that want to look of climbing plants but cannot dedicate too much time to daily care. 

Plastic bottles
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Make small swaps 

By now you will surely have heard of the Green Salon Collective, which helps members greatly reduce the impact their monthly waste has on the environment, but there are many smaller steps your team can take towards staying green. Rubberwood hangers for gowns and coats, disposable towels that decompose within months, metal drinking straws, cheerfully decorated china, and glassware for refreshments, and regularly employing cleaning and disinfectant supplies by natural brands are all examples that clients will recognise and appreciate.  

Make going low plastic as a marketing boon 

Cloth bags and reusable cups can be branded with your salon’s logos, colours, and graphics, taking the elements you created for your shopfloor and socials to the streets. Celebrating environmental causes like Earth Day and Plastic Free July communicates that your salon is keen to be part of the solution.  

Keep clients’ eyes on the prize (you!) while you have them 

Ensure you’re deepening the salon experience for your clients as well as making it greener. You may find a local publishing house is open to giving you review copies of new titles— a salon attraction in itself— and like to start a salon book club.  

You can choose to make the move all about your marketing by developing original digital content that you can promote by the wifi code so many salons highlight at every station. From live demonstrations of how to use products clients can purchase to advice on common problems and even you own podcast, there are many methods to communicate what makes the ways you do hair unique. There may be five salons on your street but remember: that which is your business is nobody else’s. 


Check out Anne Veck and Keith Mellen’s Sustainable Salon Toolkit  >


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