Five things you need to do to retain talent

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Business

All salons should have an action plan to retain talent to take business from strength to strength. Adam Bryant, academy director at RUSH, explains the golden rules when it comes to staff retention

Adam Bryant

“The last few years have been difficult for salons, groups and every single individual around the world. Just like every other industry we are doing our very best to move forward, rebuild our businesses and strive for success. Let’s face it, we have all felt and are still within the aftermath of the closures, it’s reality for us all.

With recruitment and staff retention an issue for many, here at RUSH we put every effort in during Covid-19 and can now say we are fully reaping the benefits of this hard work and change – with new processes now implemented and our strategic planning now positively impacting all involved.

We are delighted to share that having made changes, our staff retention levels have positively improved, going from 77 per cent in March 2019 to 93 per cent in April 2022 – a huge achievement for us and our team.

In order to continually build on your staff retention, there are a few ways to begin the process and keep your staff at the forefront of your mind and business, so you can retain talent and see your business flourish. 

Continuous communication

Without a doubt, one of the most important factors (which goes without saying) is that communication is the foundation of your employee – employer relationship. Within RUSH, communication is the most important thing when it comes to our team, whether they are a new team member or have been with us for a number of years. At every stage of their career we communicate, we check in and we ensure they are happy in their jobs, that they have access to everything they need to do and excel in their career and of course, to help maintain a healthy and happy team. Nowadays with social platforms such as Teams, Zoom and WhatsApp, your communication opportunities really are endless and there is no reason not to communicate.

In-depth and ongoing education

Within UK hairdressing, education is the reason our industry evolves. New techniques and trends are continually being uncovered, and are why we always providing our clients with the most modernised services, ahead of any other country. Education is how we develop as individuals and this is vital to any team member who is looking to achieve their career goals and strive for success. To retain talent, we offer our team in-depth on boarding training and access to as much education as they wish throughout their career. Education covers a variety of topics and this for us means our team are able to learn so many skills, and then choose a niche if they wish. We want them to succeed and ensure they receive continuous education at all times.

Team support

This is something we have always been very strong on and continue to hold with great importance. Supporting your team and making them feel safe and secure is very important, especially at the moment. Our way of working is very open and our team – no matter what level – know that they can actively contact one of our management team or educators if they require additional support or guidance.

Through our continuous education we have established strong support for every individual and have developed a culture where they can simply message or call should they require help or assistance. You have no idea how positively this impacts team members.

Be present

Being present is more important than ever before – team members want to see their management team, see the education team and be able to connect with them directly. There is no point in having a happy and healthy team that you never see or never interact with. Visit the salons, get to know the team members and engage with them on a regular basis – this will only benefit both you and them.

Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate

We implemented a number of new processes and strategies during lockdown, however these are evaluated continuously. Change is a big thing for any company and to ensure this is working means you must evaluate continuously, making sure you are on track and always raising the standards. Speak with your team, your educators and look at the figures – are things improving, how can you build on this and make things even better than they already are? Never be afraid to ask the question to your team ‘what can we do better?’ – this shows you are always pushing forward.

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