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BaByliss has the capsule collection of cord-free creative powerhouses to let you do what you really want to do, where and how you want to do it. Fresh to the powered-up pack is the new BaByliss Cordless Hot Brush, a life saver that gives you height, lift and a smooth finish in a flash. The Cordless Hot Brush illustrates how BaByliss is always moving forward, developing tools to make your work that much simpler. It all started with the now iconic BaByliss 9000, the cordless straightener that made Fashion Week regulars coo with appreciation.

Hot on its heels were the Cordless Waving Wand and Cordless Curling Tong, delivering perfectly set and finished waves and an impressive 40-minute run time. What’s also impressive is the advanced heating technology. Its Micro-Heating Matrix heaters are formed precisely to the shape of the tool. That’s unique to this cable-free line-up, and ensures you get results.

The Cordless Hot Brush features the same state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery as other BaByliss cordless tools, boasting the same 40 minutes of cordless use at the top temperature, plus a super-fast heat up. Whether on location (in a skate park!) or in the salon, stylists have the flexibility to work wherever they need to, uninterrupted by finding an available plug socket. Featuring ground-breaking Micro Heating Matrix Technology, the Cordless Hot Brush guarantees the thick 30mm barrel stays evenly heated for brilliantly consistent results every time, even when styling at lower temperatures. The latest innovation also incorporates bristle technology compromised of two different lengths of bristles in order to better pick up hair, delivering a smoother result when released. 

“Making the barrel slightly bigger with a brush on the end, and cordless, is amazing. You can not only smooth the hair, but you can get an amazing bend and curve with it as well.”Syd Hayes, session stylist

But this is also a story about the long and the short of it; the BaByliss PRO Super Motor Range has been a weapon of choice for barbersfor a while now. The Clipper is the original hero product for its high-torque motor and super- sharp Japanese steel blades, while the Trimmer has been engineered for precision for closerresults than ever before. The Skeleton Trimmer has been designed with detail in mind, while the Titanium Foil Shaver and Single Shaver deliver detail for fading and blending. All cordless, all geared to work hard for you, wherever you are. So what are you doing to do next?

“The cordless world has changed my career. Three weeks ago we were in Croatia on a beach with no power, and to be able to style hair with a curling tong, wand or straightener… It’s changing the future of hairdressing. Being able to do that anywhere, like in the skate park today – we’ve not had any electric, it’s all been battery powered.”Syd Hayes, session stylist


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