From tweakments to seasonal shifts – the evolution of the colour menu at Lockonego

Bee Cottington has been promoted to Lockonego colour director. Great! So, what to do first…?

Bee working at Lockonego

After leaving New Zealand to grow her hairdressing career, Bee Cottington joined Chelsea salon, Lockonego, in 2017. Having quickly established herself as the go-to colourist for expensive looking blondes and bespoke balayage, Bee has been running a busy column with a fiercely loyal clientele. With 20 years experience in the industry and a Redken Colour Expert degree under her belt, Bee is now progressing to the next level in her career – colour director at Lockonego.

A new role is always exciting, but it comes with lots of questions. What do I do now? How do I make this new role count, and have a positive impact on the salon? Well,  Bee has plenty of new ideas when it comes to enhancing the colour journey, and is looking to develop the colour menu after noticing a shift in behaviour. “Colour culture has changed since lockdown. Clients know they can go for longer between visits, and with work life spent on video conferencing, they are viewing their hair differently,” she explains.

“We as stylists now have to think about colour differently. How we can keep our clients looking great between appointments is more important than their next full head of highlight service.” Bee’s colour philosophy has always been to analyse the hair in segments, while solving clients’ concerns. “I I deconstruct to build the perfect colour. Why not allow our clients to do the same by choosing bite-size appointments than can be stand alone or combined, so they are able to construct their own blonde/bronde,” she adds.

As a result, Bee has decided to launch a ‘tweakment menu’. This gives clients the option to top-up their colours in between longer appointments. This means that they can also address particular hair concerns or problems at any given time. “If it’s the hairline that they love to be bright, let’s face-frame or money piece! If they rely heavily on purple shampoo, offer a colour glaze.”

Through offering smaller tweaks, this also allows the Lockonego team to recreate the Instagram inspo seen by clients in a more efficient and seamless way.

Lockonego Bee applying hair toner at back wash

Bee Cottington's client with blonde balayage

“We are all doing these techniques when creating looks for our clients, but are we educating them that a little ‘tweak’ is just as important in maintaining their colour as their next full service appointment?”  


As well as considering tweakments, Bee has also been focusing on the seasons when shaping the colour menus, rather than just the current trends. For example, consider what clients need in autumn, post-summer holiday. It may be a case of softening and adding depth that may have been lost. Likewise, in winter, does the blonde need to warm up or cool down, depending on skin tone.

“Creating four signature seasonal colour placements that combine traditional colouring with more visual freehand techniques gives our team a base to work with their clients. This allows them to tailor every aspect to them, and clients know they will always look their best. We can give our clients a seamless and fully bespoke colour that suits their style, skin tone and keeps them fresh all year round.”

Lockonego client with blonde coloured hair

Client with blonde, wavy hair

The combination of the four seasonal colours and a ‘tweakment’ in between enhances the customer journey throughout the year. It also ensures colourists can adapt to any change, and results are flexible to lifestyle, giving clients the high-end, wearable hair Lockonego is known for.

“Creating a colour cycle allows our apprentices to hit the floor running. It gives them the knowledge and the confidence to create beautiful work,” Bee adds. “I’ve never focused entirely on how my client leaves the salon. Of course the hair looks gorgeous, but consider how that hair will live and change over the time before they are next in my chair.”

“My clients need to look good for that whole time; whether it’s six weeks or three months. We always tell a client it will be a journey to get them to their dream hair, so we have to map it out for them!”

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