Get a hair history lesson at The Coiffured

by | 6 Jan 2023

You know hair but how’s your hair history?

Dublin exhibition Irish story

The Coiffured is a new exhibition by artist and former hairdresser Amanda Jane Graham exploring the significant historical landmarks in hairdressing history, from the headdresses of Egyptian pharaohs to Marie Antoinette and Edmund Burke.  

The Coiffured is the result of a compendium of research by Amanda Jane, whose training grants her a unique perspective on history that makes the exhibition relevant even for those hairdressers who didn’t enjoy the subject at school. 

Visitors can expect to get inspired by drawings, 3D-printed sculptures, and sound installations, all of which remind us that creatives are just standing on the shoulders of those who came before them. The project is a collaboration with Image Skillnet, HABIC and others. 

 From 17 January to 24 February 2023 at The Irish Architectural Archive, Dublin 2

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