Get grey right with Fudge Professional

Going grey (on purpose) isn’t as easy as the bloggers and Instagrammers like to make out – something you’re all too aware of but are your clients? Probably not. They want gorgeous grey hair that stays looking cool (and not simply prematurely aged) and they want it, like, yesterday.

While these shades of grey/silver can look fantastic, clients can often feel let down if their fantasy doesn’t match the reality, leaving some salons in a bit of a quandary – they want to create on-trend shades for their clients, but they don’t want to end up disappointing them.

This was at the forefront of Tracy Hayes’ mind when it came to creating the new Headpaint Ash Infusions by Fudge Professional. As global head of technical training at Fudge Professional, Tracy is instrumental when it comes to creating new shades for the brand.

Here, she explains how the new Ash Infusions – a smoky capsule range of enhancing and neutralising toners – promises to be what all colourists need to create bespoke shades over prelightened hair.

“Seeing that the grey/silver trend is so popular, we wanted to create our own bespoke tones and tested them vigorously to ensure that we were completely happy with the complementary tones and the wash out/fade effect also,” explains Tracy. “We have launched Graphite hue, which is a deep grey; Silver Lilac, a soft smoky lilac/grey; and Rose Quartz, which is a soft, smoky pink amethyst.

Tracy explains these new shades can be mixed with each other, as well as the whole of the Headpaint portfolio. “The colour palette options are limitless,” she says. But she advises that, as they are toners, the development time needs to be watched closely. “It can be anything from two to 30 minutes, depending on the desired colour,” she adds.

To get the most out of Ash Infusions, Tracy suggests using whole head bleach toners to create beautiful greys, silvers and pinky lilacs, but your technique on application can be limitless. “You can be as creative as you like with adding sections of all colours to suit the haircut. Also, the tones can be added to partial bleached hair within the natural or tinted base colour. A favourite technique is Graphic Balayage, created by the X-presion Creative Team, used on pre-lightened hair applied in a graphic/pixelated format through the longer lengths and finished with the new Ash Infusions,” says Tracy.

The X-presion Creative Team is known for its creative collaborations so it’s no surprise that the team has already started testing out the new Ash Infusions. Discover how they got on with the new shades here…

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Versatile and easy to use, Headpaint is the perfect colour solution for the specialist looking for great shine, superb grey coverage and perfect results. Uncut molecules and pure pigments penetrate deeply into the hair structure to deliver light-reflective shine as well as colour longevity, while the dual-system technology means that you can create permanent and demi-permanent results from one range depending on the strength of the peroxide catalyst you use. And you don’t need to worry about the condition of the hair throughout the colour process – natural botanical extracts and hydrolysed rice protein strengthen and nourish to ensure hair remains in excellent condition.

Show clients it’s cool to go grey with Ash Infusions by Fudge Professional. To find out more, call 020 7845 6333 or visit fudgeprofessional.com