Get seen on the feed

Appearing on the @redken Instagram account puts your skills in front of one million hair obsessives around the globe. Here’s how to get featured…

Focus on your audience

Remember the @redken account is geared towards your fellow professionals. This means that to even be considered for a regram, your upload needs to have an education component. Make sure you cover the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the final look you produce, as well as showing off your talent.

Find the theme

If you find yourself searching for inspiration, Redken provides monthly content themes that it encourages its Instagram followers to focus on. These themes – such as ‘celebrating grey’ or ‘colour corrections’ – are driven by the latest trends and industry insights.

Compose your picture

You need to ensure the finished post looks the part. If you’re taking a photo, focus on clear, static, posed shots 42 43 against a simple backdrop. Take before and after photos to really show off the transformation, as this is what the @redken audience engages with the most.

Get illuminated

Lighting is key to a great quality post, so opt for a ring light or natural daylight to accurately capture tones, and complement great colour with a clean finish.

Say no to the filter

Take an image that isn’t pixelated or blurry and keep editing to a minimum – this is not the time for filters! After catching the attention of @redken, you could even find yourself on Redken’s radar for future events. Get #RedkenReady and get posting!

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