Get the Look: Contour Couture by Zoë Irwin

Made for personalisation, offer clients a new take on the high-top silhouette with ‘Contour Couture’ from Zoë Irwin and ghd 

Fresh from ghd’s new season Trend Reveal, ‘Contour Couture’ delivers a new take on the high-top silhouette, with width and volume inspired by the stretched looks seen on the catwalk at Balmain and Bottega Veneta. Made for personalisation, the exaggerated shapes and expanded natural texture can be amped up or down to work for each individual client. 

Get the look:

STEP ONE: Mist the hair with ghd bodyguard heat protect spray. 

STEP TWO: Stretch out the natural texture of the hair using ghd helios and ghd pik nozzle comb attachment. 

STEP THREE: Wrap the hair in a hair net. 

STEP FOUR: Secure using pins.

STEP FIVE: Shape and set the hair using ghd perfect ending final fix hairspray.

STEP SIX: When you have created the desired shape, crash cool using the ghd helios cool shot button with diffuser attachment. 

STEP SEVEN: Remove the net to reveal the shape.

STEP EIGHT: Pin any stray hairs into place using u-bend pins. 

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