Get the look: ribbon curl and directional wave

Two on-trend looks, both created using the new ghd max styler. Discover how to add a touch of glam to your styling menus post-lockdown

Whether clients are looking to embrace and enhance their natural goddess texture, or wishing to switch up their look during a styling appointment, play with ghd max and achieve the style they crave in half the time.* Discover how to create superior results in just one pass…

Directional Wave

Create the ultimate in cool-girl waves, with a glam twist that adds tonnes of height and volume. Perfect for clients who want big, bouncy waves with more of a natural finish, the brushed-out look is ideal for post-lockdown styling menus.

Step One: Evenly apply ghd curly ever after in layers then take a two inch directional section.

Step Two: Place ghd max horizontally into the hair, pointing away from the face. Turn ghd max 360° down towards the head.

Step Three: Travel off base at 90° three inches down the hair.

Step Four: Then travel directly away from the face (sideways) until you reach the ends of the hair.

Step Five: Continue until all hair is curled this way, always curling in the same direction.

Step Six: Using the ghd paddle brush, dress all the hair until the  waves begin to form together. Then flip the fringe so the side parting sits on the opposite side, adding height at the front.

Ribbon Curl

A styling staple with a modern twist, the ribbon curl is perfect for clients looking for style switch for a special occasion, or those in search of more movement and volume.

Step One: Evenly apply ghd pick me up in layers. Take a two inch horizontal section.

Step Two: Place ghd max horizontally into the hair.

Step Three: Turn ghd max 360° down towards the head.

Step Four: Travel off base at 90° until you reach the ends of the hair.

Step Five: On the next section, turn ghd max up towards the head, this will allow more volume between the hair.

Step Six: Travel straight down at 45° until you reach the ends of the hair.

Step Seven: Continue until all the hair has been waved this way, alternating up or down in the direction of the first turn as you work.

Step Eight: Using a ghd paddle brush, dress all the hair until the waves form together.

To discover more about the ghd max styler and potentially stocking it in your salon, contact your ghd account manager or email

*July’20. 80% of 140 consumers agreed vs. their current styler

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