Get the look: the Blonde Statement from INDOLA

by | 6 Jul 2022

This statement blonde look from INDOLA is a fresh new take on the money piece trend and works perfectly on brunette hair

Summer time calls for new hair trends and it feels like the perfect time to experiment with a stunning new look. This summer, INDOLA is bringing not one but three irresistible looks to inspire a seasonal glow-up with their Street Style Collection. The new seasons looks – The Blonde Statement, The Honey Splash and The Subtle Edge – are the perfect uplifting mood-boosters encapsulating holiday style. 

Featuring high shine on a statement look, ‘the ‘blonde statement’ features a strong blonde off-centre colour placement combined with medium brown hair, which creates a partial broken texture that adds spice to a classic brunette. Here, Most Wanted 2021 Creative Talent Winner, Paddy McDougall, shares the technique behind the clever colour placement. 




STEP 1: Take a section from corner of the eyebrow to top of ear, zig-zag around the ear and straight to the nape.

STEP 2: Take a parting top of ear to divide the section in two. Start in the nape with back to back slices leaving 2cm off the roots.

STEP 3: Complete the front section in the same way. Once the desired level of lift is achieved go back and finish the roots with Colour A.

STEP 4: Let the colour develop, rinse thoroughly and use INDOLA Care to finish the process. Blow- dry the hair and recreate the section for the second colour application.

STEP 5: Start again in the nape and apply Colour B  from roots to ends to all remaining natural hair.

STEP 6: Cover with foils to protect the pre-lightened part.

STEP 7: Start pastel toning on the pre-lightened section in big slices starting in the nape with Colour C on the roots.

STEP 8: Apply Colour D in mid-length and ends. Let the colour develop, rinse thoroughly and use INDOLA Care to finish the process.


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