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by | Jun 27, 2022 | Men, Promotion

Nomad Barber is a travelling barber with a passion for the trade which transcends the globe. Get to know more about Miguel’s life on the road, his top products and what makes him tick when not at work


“Originally from Liverpool, professionally I’m known as Nomad Barber. I’ve been cutting hair for almost 20 years and have a shop in London and Berlin. I also have a web series, which started with me going around the world documenting  the barbering trade. That’s kind of where I made my name within the industry.” 

“Being able to visit so many countries and meet so many barbers was amazing; I’ve learnt so much from my journeys both personally and in my profession. The symbolic side of cutting hair is fascinating; from a baby’s first ‘full moon’ hair cut in china, to the status hair has for the African Masai man. Travel has been a big inspiration for me, my craft and my barbershops in London and Berlin.”

Having seen so much of the world during his time in the industry, it’s hard for Miguel to pinpoint one career highlight. “In terms of what I’m most proud of, I’d definitely say travelling the world and making a success of the web series back in 2013. Obviously opening the shops were big tasks, and we’ve had to improvise all the time but they’re still around!”

With so many varied opportunities which have come his way, Miguel has also learnt plenty over the years which has shaped his outlook going forward. “I’ve learnt most that good people matter more than skilful people. You can always train someone to be better, but you can’t always train them to be a good person.” 


If I could only use one product for the rest of my life, it would have to be the grooming spray. It’s versatile because you can use it before, for styling and as a stand alone product.






Traveling the world inspires me in my craft and creation. Embrace the unknown and let the journey become part of you.


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