Gloss bosses

Shades EQ is the gloss that was made for social media. Searches for #HealthyHair jumped up by 158 per cent on Google*, and demand for Shades EQ services has risen by 28 per cent compared with 2017** – find out how some of the UK’s greatest Gloss Bosses leverage their social savviness and Shades EQ to raise their online profile.

Steph Baron
Lady Lux


“I have more than 50,000 photos on my phone and it’s 99 per cent hair. It can be hard finding the time, but posting daily definitely plays a key factor,” says Steph Baron, owner of Lady Lux in Edinburgh. This chic salon is made for Instagram, with its cool neon signage, geometric tiling and, of course, the team’s incredible colour work.

“You can be as subtle or as creative as you like when it comes to colour. Even just a few foils or babylights can change up someone’s entire look,” Steph adds, referring to the booming balayage business and extensions expertise of the salon. With such a clear-cut vision and aesthetic, the #BabesofLadyLux are in great hands. Her best piece of advice for fellow colourists would be to “take photos and videos of EVERYTHING!” Whether useful as a reference point or the next snap for social, documenting your hard work is never a bad thing.

Samantha Cusick

Samantha Cusick London


Samantha Cusick’s reputation for beautiful brondes and effortless balayage precedes her. Between her glossy Shades EQ finishes and sleek salon touches, it’s no wonder she’s a hit with the biggest influencers. Statement wallpaper, millennial pink furniture and art deco mirrors aside, her inimitable work is the star of the show here.

“Social media is such a minefield, navigating it is a full time job in itself!” Her best advice for being a social star salon? “Be consistent. Don’t get hung up on followers and likes, they will come. Be genuine with what you post, with no filters, as you’ll only make life harder for yourself trying to meet impossible expectations.”

For genuine growth, steer clear of buying followers or using interaction robots: “It’s such a huge no-no and can be spotted a mile away!”

Lisa and Krystle Hughes


It’s the sheer scale of possibility that excites Lisa and Krystle Hughes and their team in Dundalk, Co. Louth. “Colour work allows the stylists the best opportunity to express themselves in a creative way,” Lisa explains. “There are so many techniques that can be applied which transform your look and your attitude. We love using Shades EQ to add depth, vibrancy and shine.”

Even within the blonde spectrum – the salon’s specialty – Lisa and Krystle know there’s so much that can be done: “With blondes it is all about getting the hair into the best possible condition and to maintain that condition while lifting.  There is so much versatility in blonde.”

Keeping potential and existing clients in the loop via Instagram is something they take seriously.

“Finding the balance of posting enough and not overloading is always the trick,” Lisa advises. “The best thing is the reposts from clients – everyone gets such a buzz when our clients love their hair.”

Megan Niccolls



Painting the town every shade imaginable in Liverpool is the Voodou team, headed up by Megan Nicholls. Creating her own colourful personality and speciality within the salon has helped to differentiate her from the rest of the team. She notes that carving out her own niche and expressing that across social media has been crucial. Known for her intense multi-coloured designs, by honing her skills and letting others focus on specialties such as balayage or natural shades, Megan has cultivated a column filled with work she loves – win-win! “I love Shades EQ and the consistency of Redken’s colours,” she adds. “They’re easy to melt together; City Beats is so vivid it’s perfect for my signature rainbow colours.”

Sophie Bullivant

Colour Me Sophie B


Sophie Bullivant has created instantly recognisable branding – sassy, unashamedly girly and full of beautiful transformations, Sophie and her Solihull-based team live and breathe colour.

“We just get so excited about how much impact hair colour has on a woman,” she explains. “Enhancing her look, of course, but the best bit for us is how it lifts her mood and demeanour. Hair colour should be put on prescription!

“It really does boost your confidence, and there is nothing as beautiful as a confident woman.”

Without a doubt, Shades EQ is the team’s go-to product, as its magic-in-a-bottle formula creates perfect Insta-ready looks to be snapped against the salon’s statement floral backdrop. “The pigments have loads of welly but give a sheer result,” she says. “It is by far the best colour on the market and gives a really high-end finish and polish.”

Seniz Alkan

Neville Hair and Beauty


Developing signature techniques, such as the salon’s Palm Painting for a balayage-esque style, gives this salon the edge against other colour rivals. “I love the versatility of our craft. Things change so fast that you can never get bored. The trends and formulations really keep me on my toes,” Seniz explains. “My favourite products to use are Redken Shades EQ and Chromatics, for even results from root to tip. I love that all of my clients get a piece of me in my work, it makes me feel accomplished.”

With a distinct talent for spinning hair into different shades of gold without sacrificing hair texture, Seniz has been championing the strides made within colour thanks to the increased interest – but warns against the slide in expected skills as salons rush to offer more and more trend-led services.

Taking the client into account, as much as their hair, is also something she emphasises. In the same way that you wouldn’t give a client a cut that doesn’t suit their lifestyle, you must choose your colour technique carefully to suit the woman in your chair.

Want to be gloss boss?

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