Gloss is Boss

The appeal for gloss is growing by the day – clients get refreshed looks, and you get more regular bookings. Here’s how to capitalise on the gloss growth

There’s no doubt balayage has swept the nation. It’s the service clients know to ask for – but immaculate hair painting means they need to come in less frequently, due to the way it grows out. How can you recapture this lost colour business? We have two words for you: gloss services.

Redken Shades EQ is delivering clients oodles of inspiration on a daily basis. The #ShadesEQ conversation on Instagram is rapidly approaching one million posts, inspiring clients and colourists alike with the versatility of this iconic product. Gloss events and services are the perfect route to restoring those lost hours of colour work, filling the gaps between those big balayage appointments. It’s a case of reframing the potential of colour to your clients. After all, you can’t miss the popularity of immaculate, glossy locks on social media. The number of tags for #glossyhair has shot up by 155 per cent year-on-year* as clients search for ways to live that filtered, fabulous life offline.

With the help of Redken, partner salons have begun hosting glossing events for both clients and local influencers, all designed to prove that a lengthy spell in the chair simply isn’t necessary for beautiful colour. Rob Czlapka of RCNQ in Manchester’s Northern Quarter held an event in March for this very reason. “We actually get 40 per cent of our clientele through Instagram, so working with Redken on the event was a huge opportunity.” Radio London and Voodou in Liverpool are among many salons welcoming fresh faces who are ready to experience a gloss treatment for the first time.

Justin Casey, owner of his eponymous salon in Dundalk, Co. Louth, was seeing such demand for these speedy gloss services that he created a Party Blow-Dry event, pairing a Shades EQ gloss with a blow-dry for the perfect pick-me-up or a treat with friends before a big night out. “It went down so well that it’s now on our permanent services list,” he reveals. “The return value for your clients is what’s key. Clients get to have the colour that they want, refreshed, without having to sit for hours.”

Redken’s Blowdry With Benefits menu is perfectly primed to capitalise on these clients, with clearly laid-out options which would appeal to every client looking to add a fresh lease of life to their hair. “Shades EQ makes hair super-shiny, it really is the conditioning colour treatment,” says Hazel Skinner, who works across The Chapel’s portfolio of salons in London and the South East. “I don’t know any other brand that delivers the same gloss finish.”

With word spreading quickly, these gloss events and menus are adding to the interest in Shades EQ. Clients know that they can request a Shades EQ service and leave with perfected, personalised colour without a lengthy wait. “We have increased our client retention by offering simple glossing services to increase client returns and staff productivity,” explains James Horn, salon director of MD Beauty Lounge in Glasgow, who is taking advantage of the shorter turnaround times. “For the first time ever we’ve had guests contacting us about Redken and the Shades EQ collections. Using hashtags such as #glosslikeaboss and #redkenready has really helped open us up to a wider audience.”

It’s not just regular colour clients that will be intrigued by offerings of gloss services. Who’s going to say no to fabulous hair? You can ease newbies in with clear gloss added services, or tempt the colour shy with subtle tonal changes. Gloss services can breathe fresh life into over-processed hair, or help to cover the beginnings of grey easily. Quick and effective, there’s not much that a gloss can’t help with.

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The tones you NEED to own

Redken Shades EQ is the go-to toner for every colourist. The demi-permanent, liquid formula is perfect whether you’re refreshing colour, adding a gorgeously glossy shine, improving the hair’s condition or correcting tone – all without lift. It’s no wonder it’s loved by more than 10 million colourists worldwide. Here, top UK colourists share their favourite Shades EQ looks and tips…

Seniz Alkan, Neville Hair and Beauty

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Step 1: Lightening. Babylights with Flash Lift Bonder Inside and 20 vol pro oxide. Step 2: Toner. Root Melt using 09N and then 09GB as all-over toner.

09GB BUTTER CREAM “I can’t live without this shade. It’s a go-to when working with blondes, to create the perfect creamy colour.”

09T CHROME “This always gives me the ash tone I need. It’s defi nitely the hero colour for any balayage look.”

Seniz’s top tip: “Make the most of Shades EQ by adding Crystal Clear to your formulas. This way you can create softer, more precise shades.”

Samantha Cuisick, Samantha Cusick London

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Step 1: Lightening. Texture Lights with Flash Lift Bonder Inside and 30 vol pro oxide. Step 2: Toner. 09P and 09GB combined for all over toner.

09P OPAL GLOW “I use this for those clients who want a perfect pearl blonde. The ones that want it cool, but not too cool, no yellow but still bright. Because it’s Shades EQ, the blonde just glows!”

09NB IRISH CRÈME “When I think of this shade I think of the perfect biscuit blonde. For me, it perfectly balances warm and cool tones that you just can’t create with any other brand.”

Samantha’s top tip: “The toner is the most important part of the process. The non-lift formula of Shades EQ turns even the brassiest locks into a golden mane.”

Mads-Sune Lund Christensen, Josh Wood Atelier

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Step 1: Lightening. Sun-kissed lightening with Flash Lift Bonder Inside and 20 vol pro oxide. Step 2: Toner. Root shadow application with 09N followed by 09V and Crystal Clear throughout.

09N CAFE AU LAIT “This is my go-to for a quick root shadow after highlights. Like all Shades EQ shades it blends softly to give a natural result.”

09V PLATINUM ICE “Platinum Ice is a hero product when you need to neutralise unwanted yellow undertones. It’s always reliable for icy blondes.”

Mads-Sune’s top tip: “There is a direct dye element to Shades EQ which may seem a little darker than expected when developing. Trust the process. Shades EQ will deliver the promised result.”

Megan Niccols, Voodou

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Step 1: Lightening. Back to back lightening with Flash Lift Bonder Inside and 30 vol pro oxide. Step 2: Toner. Toner used 08VB, 09V and Crystal Clear.

08VB VIOLET FROST “The VBs deliver maximum neutralisation for cool brunettes right up to iced blondes. The black to grey background allows for longevity and controlled fade.”

07M DRIFTWOOD “The new Mattes have a shine that is unbelievable and aren’t flat at all for brunettes.”

Megan’s top tip: “08VB is the most powerful shade for neutralising orange. It’s great to use individually or even as an additive for a more neutral result.”

Harriet Muldoon, Larry King Salon

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Step 1: Lightening. Global lightening with Flash Lift Bonder Inside and 20 vol pro oxide. Step 2: Toner. Toned all over with 010VV and Crystal Clear.

010VV LAVENDER ICE “This is one of the latest shades in the Shades EQ range and I love it. It creates the ultimate platinum blonde without adding depth.”

09AA PAPAYA “This is one of my all-time favourites! I use it in my toners to give a natural warmth.”

Harriet’s top tip: “Have your clients invest in a good colour preserving shampoo such as Color Extend Magnetics to ensure that their gloss is maintained and long lasting.”

Discover how Shades EQ can shake-up how you approach colour. To be part of a next generation-colour house, contact Redken for a bespoke colour demonstration, email

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