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The menopause is tough, affecting hair and general wellbeing. What if one hair health supplement could improve both? Enter GLOWWA’S HAIR FOOD| MENO

Clever beauty launches today can work their magic from the inside – and brands fall over each other to say theirs do it better.Combatting the hair loss associated with menopause and experienced by 40 per cent of women is one thing, but how can you take care of the other symptoms? GLOWWA, the home of hair-nourishing food supplements, is cutting the menopause down to size with HAIR FOOD| MENO. Hitting salon shelves this spring, it builds back better hair and wellbeing before, during and beyond the menopause. Approved by trichologists, it nurtures hair growth, pulls down the shutters on shedding, and shields hair follicles from hormonal changes to restore strand strength. Highly absorbable and fast-acting, benefits are seen in just 12 weeks.

In their corner…

The menopause can leave women flummoxed when it comes to finding a solution to the more than 30 symptoms it creates; it’s easy to feel defeated. But HAIR FOOD| MENO features 14 active ingredients working in synergy to fight that battle on many fronts. 

 Beyond boosting hair health, it confronts many undesirable symptoms naturally. It’s a white knight that tackles tiredness, energy drain, oxidative stress, and more .

Its host of active ingredients such as zinc promote healthy hair and reduce shedding while supporting bone health, which can suffer during menopause. Vitamin E helps reduce hot sweats and boosts sleep quality. There’s also L-Lysine, an amino acid that fights menopause-related stress, anxiety, and low mood. Thiamine is another superhero addition that supports the nervous system and regulates stress responses. In this powerful vanguard there are antioxidants too that slow down the ageing process, and lycopene, which puts up the defences against hair loss while also battling weight-gain and boosting heart health.

Feel whole again…

The menopause impacts a huge percentage of your clientele, and the numbers of products claiming to help are on the rise. But HAIR FOOD|MENO is unique as it goes further than just building back hair, it also boosts wider wellbeing. Half of the population will experience menopause, and there’s not much we can do about that. HAIR FOOD| MENO arms women with the ingredients to fight its worst symptoms, such as hair thinning and hair loss, and many other symptoms that make it a tough ride. There’s strength in numbers – are you ready to help vanquish those menopause monsters and put a smile back on so many of your clients’ faces?

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