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Redken has been sharing the techniques of artists from the Tribe on Instagram Live, with top UK stylists and colourists making weekly appearances on the @Redken global Instagram to inspire its one million followers. Meet the local talent making education more accessible than ever, keeping the Redken family engaged and together in the Tribe spirit! 


Gary Kehoe (@hairbygaryk)
House Hair and Beauty, Wexford, Ireland 


A luxurious, modern finish is just one part of what Gary Kehoe has already become known for. He’s an influencer, go-to social guru and balayage boss and has only been educating for four years.  

He quickly built a clientele around this luxe, long look, and has been educating ever since. He loves seeing confidence develop when he’s educating, “seeing someone unsure of something and seeing them transform and become so confident. There’s nothing nicer – I keep things quite simple in both how I teach and the looks I create, and just add those tweaks to modernise it”. 

Gary recommends adjusting your language and going back to basics to make sure everyone stays on the same wavelength and can progress together. “You get those courses where people make techniques sound complicated, but I like to keep it simple and then people can tweak the looks themselves to suit their style,” he says. 

Since joining a Redken salon, Gary has been blown away by the Tribe vibe, in particular the opportunities and the willingness of members to share formulas and encourage one another. “It’s amazing how social and family-like Redken is,” he muses. “I’ve learnt so much from artists all around the world, all sharing their techniques.” 

Gary’s brunette air touch balayage is all about helping you get the pro-edge and how to create bespoke blends that will make your results stand out from the colour crowd. His Instagram Live education will feature the new Ash Brown collection from Shades EQ and Color Gels Lacquers, mixing lowlights with trending air
touch balayage technique.  

“A lot of lowlights wash out warmer,” he says of the look, “so by playing with the Ash Browns you can create some great contrast and dimension for a really luxurious hue.” 

Watch Gary create luxurious brunettes on Instagram Live at 4pm on 19 October @redken  

Vicki Hoskin (@vikiscissorhands)
The Grove Studio, Wadebridge 


From a small studio in Cornwall comes a big believer in the power of balayage and colour. Vicki Hoskin is adored for her lived-in looks (that Cornish location must help with inspiration), and this year started her own education to share the surfer love, hosting two classes for Redken ahead of lockdown.  

Her expertise was inspirational over on Redken’s Instagram Live, where Vicki’s quick and easy-to-follow ribboning reverse balayage techniques using the new Ash Browns are perfect to get that lived-in brunette just right. “There is definitely an art to getting what Mother Nature didn’t do,” she jokes. “I get loads of questions, which I love, and people pop on and really get involved. It’s great to be able to keep the Tribe inspired and learning.” 

Her approach to education is very much based around a salon day; it’s about quick ideas and techniques that you can apply in a regular hairdressing setting. “We go through colour gradients, balayage and foilage, points of brightness, face-framing, formulas and toning,” she explains. “Lots of people struggle with toning. I talk about brightening up the ends with a reverse balayage.” 

And she loves being part of Redken. “It’s been amazing joining up with the brand this year. There is such a good platform with Access, and Redken is so current. It makes teaching so easy. And with Shades EQ there’s no lift, it will only colour what you want it to colour. Colourists don’t have that panic!” 

Vicki showcased her multi-dimensional reverse ribbon balayage featuring the new Ash Brown family in September, head to @redken to watch it now on IGTV 

Claire Martin (@clhair_)
Gro London, London 


When asked to step up to the plate for Redken’s Instagram Live education sessions, there was no doubt in Claire Martin’s mind as to what she’d be covering. “Colouring textured hair has been under-represented in education,” she says. “I just wasn’t seeing anything, but about 40 per cent of my clientele have textured or curly hair.” 

Claire is a big believer that keeping things simple is the best way to go when it comes to education, and advises any colourist thinking of sharing their knowledge to “remember that not everyone understands the hairdressing jargon. So try and speak in the simplest forms possible,” she says. “That way everyone, no matter what level they’re at, is able to grasp and get an understanding of what you’re saying.” 

While she has missed the buzz and the energy of live audience education as of late, her years of experience shone through as she engaged with her multi-national audience. During her Instagram Live she showcased her dimensional lightening techniques to the world and advised how to avoid damage to curls on her mannequin head ‘Amber’.  

The engagement and inclusion of the Redken Tribe is what keeps Claire on top of her game and investing in her skills continually. “Everyone’s really open with their formulas,” she adds. “That’s empowering for me because then I can have more trust in certain toners and formulations, that it’s going to work. It creates more of an inclusive feel.” 

Claire showcased her skills in September, head to @redken to see it now on IGTV 

Nicola Welsh (@nicolawelshhair)
Nicola Welsh Hair, Bolton 

What you will learn MONEY PIECE MAGIC

Nicola Welsh has trained plenty of hairdressers in the 20 years since she first opened her own salon. But about six years ago she started diving deep into education, attending every workshop she could get a ticket for. “I followed lots of well-known people in the hair industry, and when they visited the UK I would go and see them showcasing their skills.”  

Watching the pros talk, she could imagine herself sharing what she knew too, especially her passion for balayage. And that’s precisely what she’ll be doing with Redken in October, hitting Instagram Live to showcase her lightening and face-framing technique. She’ll be glossing with Shades EQ, covering greys with Color Gels Lacquers and creating beautiful blondes with Flash Lift Bonder Inside and Blonde Glam.  

“The lifting technique is really important at the moment and very on-trend. It’s a more low-maintenance look, which is ideal for clients who may not be able to visit the salon as often,” she explains. “I approach Instagram Live as I would education in person. I’m honest and will give as much as I possibly can – it’s about being real,” she says. “It’s about sharing what I’ve learnt along the way – what has and hasn’t worked.” 

And she’s thrilled to be sharing with her Redken peers. “I’ve gone to every workshop Redken offers and there’s just so much available for every size of salon. There are so many ways to get involved,” she adds. “It’s exciting to be a part of the brand and everyone is welcome in the Tribe.”  

Lighten up with Nicola on Instagram Live at 4pm on 12 October @redken

Charlotte Rowley (@HairbyCharr_ )
Fusion Hair & Beauty, Exmouth 

What you will learn LIVED-IN BOHO BLONDE

Check out Charlotte’s feed and you’ll see a mouth-watering feast of bridal styles, balayage and teasy lights. She’s the blonde boss you need to follow to learn about next-level blondes. “Most people now want to transition their clients over from highlights or all-over colours to more balayage and lived-in colours, and that’s where some struggle,” she admits. “It’s about learning to not overpaint, where to place colour and work angles.”  

Hitting up Redken’s Instagram Live, Charlotte shared insider tips on using Shades EQ and a diamond technique to add dimension at the root while toning through the lengths and styling something simple with a boho bride edge. Some of her favourite formulas for glossing and toning are 010VV, 010P and 010Gi for very light blondes; 09NB, 09AA and 08N for something a little softer and warmer; and she uses a lot of Ms and Ns and NWs for darker glossing and root melts. She took on Redken in her salon two years ago, having seen the buzz on social (“I was desperate to get it in here!” she laughs) and she’s noticed how much of an impact that has had on her social media. “I put a lot of detail into my posts, such as formulas, which has really helped to boost engagement,” she says. 

 “There were a lot of questions about what formulas you use, where you place colours, how to stop getting lines in your work, what products to use. I get a lot of messages from stylists who want to switch to Redken. One salon I trained changed only a week later because they loved it so much!” 

Charlotte shared her insider tips in September, head to @redken to watch it now on IGTV 

If you’ve missed any event don’t worry! head over to @redken where you can find them all on IGTV

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