No time for excuses…Get entering MWIT18!

MWIT17 Extraordinary People

Over the last 17 years of hosting awards, we’ve heard every reason under the sun when it comes to why people don’t think they can or should enter. Now, knowing you fabulous bunch as we do, we are all too aware that when hurdles are put in your way, you are the masters at jumping them. So, consider this a well-intended push or beneficial bunk-up towards your trophy bid, as we expose the most common myths that have crossed our paths and why they just aren’t worth entertaining…

Ah the age-old problem of not enough time. We get it, with full columns, ambassador obligations, session work (all in a delicate balancing act with home life), it’s hard to find time out to dedicate to your entry. However, there’s no need to overthink it – the entries are simply a culmination of the incredible work you’ve already put in to your career and you have over two months left to bring it all together. If you manage to set aside just 1 hour a day from the 1 March launch, that’s around 74 hours to compile your Most Wanted entry and 80 for The It List…

Don’t be under the illusion that entering the awards requires essay writing skills. While some categories are wordier, such as Business Thinker, there are plenty of options that have key visual elements including Creative Talent, Colour Expert and Hair Trend for Most Wanted, or the It List The Visionary category.

MW18 Colour Expert Entry

If you want to create work exclusively for your award entry, we will welcome it with open arms, but it’s not a necessity. You’re free to bring in existing collections and examples to support your application – in fact, some categories even call for evidence of your work over the past 12 months.

We actively encourage people to compile their own entries because who knows you and your business better than you do? Personality is what makes the judges sit up and take note. They want to see pages that capture your individuality, passion and hard work and they want to hear it all from the horse’s mouth.

One thing we love about the Most Wanted and It List entries is their diversity. When the closing date comes around and we get to cast first eyes on the year’s talent, one thing’s for sure – no two will be the same. Hand-crafted crayon boxes, portfolio covers fashioned from hair extensions and branded barbies are just a few of the many creative guises entries have taken over the years, but whether a beautifully presented booklet or more elaborate construction, your entry needn’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s the content within that really counts.

It’s simply not true! There is no rule that governs who will win except talent alone. The Most Wanted and It List judges vary year-on-year and what they seek is showcases of pure skill. We’ve had first-timers scoop the title (such as It Girl Rebecca Chang), along with repeat entrants whose pure dedication has seen them rightly recognised – just look at Ky Wilson, who scooped It Guy on his sixth attempt. It’s worth the wait when you win, but there’s nothing to say you’ll be waiting for very long…

MWIT17 Ky and Adam

So go on, enter – you won’t regret it! Check out our plethora of categories on the links below and get those creative juices flowing.

Check out the Most Wanted categories here>

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Most Wanted closes for entries 14 May

It List closes for entries 21 May