Promotion – Great Lengths

Build trust with your clients and offer them unparalleled options with the introduction of Great Lengths Tapes SLIM

Being able to give your clients as many options as possible for a new look is one of the best ways to encourage a higher spend. Sure, a full scalp bleach might be exciting for some people, but others might just want a couple of highlights.

In the same sense, extensions open up a world of possibility for clients – being able to play with darker and lighter accent tones, or adjust length and thickness, with the ability to change things up with ease. The introduction of Great Lengths Tapes SLIM pushes that transformative offering even further, for instant makeovers with complete comfort.

The new ultra-thin Tapes SLIM have a thickness of 0.55mm, half the size of classic GL Tapes, for precise placement and ultra-subtle application. Speaking of application, they also feature an updated adhesive strip for an extra firm grim and enhanced performance for clients.

Switch It Up

Great Lengths have designed the Tapes SLIM to offer you even more potential service options, with the ability to transform your clients’ look in as little as one hour! The perfect solution for quick fixes, occasion hair, or as an understated and affordable way to try a new look for the first time.

GL Tapes SLIM are ideal for keeping clients returning regularly, with a recommended six to eight weeks wear time. Clients can return for a trim or a gloss, while also having their set of tapes re-fitted up to three times.

Made up of top-tier, 100 per cent human hair that has been ethically sourced, Great Lengths has created over 90 shades of SLIM extensions that match with other lengths for a personalised fit. Choose from four sizes of natural shades (10“, 14”, 18” and 22”), as well as 16” choices in rooted, piano and fashion colours. Each pack contains five applications for you to carefully place for maximum impact.

Keep on improving

The best brands never rest on their laurels; they continually seek to improve and offer their customers solutions to issues. That’s exactly what Great Lengths has done here, by using a hypoallergenic and comfortable adhesive strip which is now sealed on the upper side of the tape, to prevent haircare products or water affecting the inner structure of the adhesive. It’s like an in-built insurance policy for improved maintenance!

Environmentally conscious consumers will also be pleased to hear that Great Lengths has swapped its plastic blister pack for one made from 80 per cent recycled PET, in-line with the brand’s efforts to create more sustainable working practices.

The Tapes SLIM are available in an adapted version of the GL pouch, which is 100 per cent recyclable and crafted from FSC-certified paper, which supports responsible management of the world’s rainforests.

There’s anything but slim pickings with Great Lengths’ wide variety of options and support. To become a Great Lengths certified stylist please email or call +44 (0) 113 278 1292.