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Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Clean Performance salon range

Promotion – Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Clean Performance

If you’ve shied away from eco-focussed product lines for fear of reduced efficacy, it’s time to rethink your approach. The Bonacure Clean Performance range, the latest innovation from Schwarzkopf Professional, has been scientifically developed to prove clean needn’t mean compromise – for you, or your clients.

Building on the hi-tech foundations of the brand’s Bonacure range, the new professional formulas deliver the same outstanding results, supported by three new eco-conscious pillars:

Bonacure Clean Performance products all feature Schwarzkopf Professional’s new Vegan Care Complex. Blending next generation vegan keratin and cell equaliser technologies with skincare actives, each formula produces healthy and beautiful results across all hair types.

As well as being 100 per cent vegan*, the Bonacure Clean Performance line’s high-performing professional formulas are free-from sulphates**, silicones, mineral oils, and artificial colourants. Retaining what’s good and removing what’s not, they have also been designed without microplastics and with a high level of biodegradability (from 88 per cent to 99 per cent) to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

Bonacure Clean Performance Shampoos have the same highly powerful action as the previous Bonacure assortment,  but sulphate-free products tend to foam less, requiring less intensive rinsing. Plus, new Fast-Rinse technology in the conditioners means that 50 per cent less water is required to rinse the product off.***

Clean on the inside and clean on the outside, the new Bonacure Clean Performance packaging is planet-friendly on both fronts; fully recyclable and made of 97 per cent recycled plastic. To produce the line, Schwarzkopf Professional will recycle over 260 tonnes of plastic, whilst using 72 per cent less plastic with the introduction of the new Bonacure Clean Performance bottle cap.

In addition, the brand is setting further eco targets. Currently, the biggest Bonacure production plant is sourcing 100 per cent green energy from renewable sources, and uses a steam (rather than water-based) cleaning system, to reduce water consumption. By 2025, the aim is for all Bonacure production plants to use a minimum of 50 per cent green energy.

*Free from animal-derived ingredients
**Free from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate
***Except the Volume Boost Jelly Conditioner

A deeper dive into the Vegan Care Complex

At the heart of every Bonacure product, Schwarzkopf’s unique Vegan Care Complex utilises vegan keratin – the vegetable alternative to the classic non-vegan ingredient hydrolysed keratin.

This helps to restore strength and elasticity deep within the hair cortex, while Cell Equalizer Technology replenishes the outer surface of the hair shaft, aligning and sealing the cuticle for a smooth and shiny result. In combination, this power pairing work to:

  • Increase the inner hair’s structural strength, replenishing cells with hair-identical amino acid chains
  • Fill gaps in the hair’s surface, fortifying hair strands and making them more elastic
  • Improve combability when the hair is both wet and dry
  • Seal the surface cuticle, reducing static and frizz and making hair easier to style and manage
  • Restore hair health internally, enhancing its protective natural shield 


Discover the full line-up

Bonacure Clean Performance has seven colour-coded ranges, tailored to suit different hair types. Each features the Vegan Care Complex, plus carefully selected, high-performing skincare-inspired ingredients.

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