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The Chapel Staff

The chapel staff

The Chapel staff

The Chapel was founded on a vision to help the hairdressing industry evolve. By listening to what stylists and guests universally disliked about visiting the salon, Amanda and Toby set out to create a different type of experience where each individual receives the care and attention they deserve.

Since the brand began in 1997, it’s been Amanda’s mission to create the perfect environment for creative stylists to succeed. The brand has grown to five UK salons and one in Verbier, Switzerland. The Chapel was created to not only transform the client experience, but to empower the hairstylists themselves. The golden thread sewing this together for The Chapel is their brand values of listen, care, be individual, and evolve. These principles are at the core of looking after both the team and guests.

Amanda’s goal is to encourage hairstylists to ask their customers “how do you want to feel?” rather than “how do you want to look?” This approach gives the stylist the creativity and freedom to use their craft and skills to create a bespoke experience for each and every guest. There’s no squeezing appointments in-between a colour appointment. Instead, The Chapel charges by time, ditching traditional service menus to deliver one-to-one experiences with remove any notion of working through appointments like a ‘conveyor belt.’

With a calm environment and no pressure of one-size fits all timing, it gives the guests the breathing space to really be heard and understood. Likewise, the stylist can fully deliver the joint vision and deliver a first-class experience which encourages guests to come back time and time again. This time is all-inclusive, so there’s no hidden costs or sense of services being up-sold. Instead, stylists have full creativity to use any combination of techniques and products they know will create the best results.

Amanda’s mantra of ‘I’m not Just a hairdresser’ extends to how she wants her team to feel. She wants her team to walk taller, feel their worth, and give them beautiful, spacious environments so that they can be respected like other professions where they charge for their time. Being a hairdresser has always traditionally been a demanding career with long and varying work shifts, so The Chapel has always kept Sundays and Mondays off. Staff are also given 30 days paid holiday, including 10+ days off back-to-back over Christmas to allow everyone to spend real time with their families too.

The bespoke approach runs throughout the company from top to bottom, which extends to the completely tailored education programme for each individual. Whether the next generation are looking to embark on their NVQ Level-3 or a hairstylist joins with 20 years of experience, the educators listen to where each individual would like to be in the future and creates a genuinely personal education plan to fill those skill gaps and polish their existing strengths to take them there.


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