“Hair is a fantasy – it’s fun, it’s an escape. It allows us to become somebody else, or to feel like somebody else for a moment. That’s what women should take from runway hair. Don’t be intimidated or offended by it – take what you want from it” – Guido


“I have no idea how many shows I’ve done this year – there’s always a show happening! Maybe 120-130 shows a year”

“Runway looks aren’t, for me, designed to be worn on the street. It’s me challenging myself creatively, my idea of beauty”

“‘Natural’ hair is actually harder to do – there are too many ways to interpret it. Something very technical is almost easier”

“’What shall we do?’ I asked @CindyCrawford. ‘Just do classic iconic Cindy,’ she replied. These girls, they know their brand!”

“When The Supers appeared from behind the curtain, EVERYONE cheered! It was a very non-fashion moment”

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