Handle your clients’ tangles with just one hairbrush…

Tangle Teezer’s latest innovation – The Wet Detangler – is all you need to effortlessly detangle wet hair

Want to remove tangles in your clients’ hair? What about making tangles disappear with less breakage, giving your clients healthier-looking hair? It is time to discover the new The Wet Detangler from Tangle Teezer.

Tangle Teezer is a multi-awarding winning hairbrush brand so it knows a thing or two about creating great hairbrushes that do exactly what they say they will. And just when you thought the brand’s detangling hairbrushes couldn’t get any better, they just did with The Wet Detangler.

This hairbrush understands wet hair like nothing else before it. Damage is a top priority when it comes clients’ hair and everyone knows the chance of damage only increases when hair is brushed straight from the shower. When wet, hair is fragile, which is why the hairbrush’s long and strong 325 unique teeth flex over tangles and knots with every single stroke. Hair is gently detangled quickly and easily, while reducing breakage.

The new Wet Detangler uses the same teeth technology as Tangle Teezer’s The Original and has a slim, ergonomic handle for extra grip. Whether you’re using it at the backwash, in the chair or clients are using it at home in the shower, you can be sure The Wet Detangler provides the very best in control when brushing hair. It’s particularly great at brushing through treatments at the backwash, using a small amount of product to distribute evenly in the hair strands, as well as to apply colouring and toning products. With The Wet Detangler, you can detangle and apply products at the same time from roots to ends, saving you precious time in the salon.

Available in Millennial Pink and Liquorice Black, The Wet Detangler can be used on all hair types, giving clients healthier-looking hair and less breakage.

82% of users would recommend to a friend*

80% of users had fewer knots or tangles*

The Wet Detangler offers:

  • Superior detangling on wet hair
  • Reduced breakage and healthier-looking hair
  • Removes knots from root to tip gently and painlessly, thanks to the unique Tangle Teezer two-tiered teeth technology
  • Ease and control when brushing thanks to the slim, lightweight handle

Let Tangle Teezer take the work out of knots.
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*Research was conducted by Launchpad Research, an independent agency, with 111 women over two weeks