In 2020, Creative HEAD celebrates its 20th birthday, and we have a host of projects and plans to celebrate in style

Catherine Handcock, photograph by Rankin

“We launched Creative HEAD in 2000 because the industry was changing, and people were looking for something different. We were so small back then, but we were passionate about what we wanted to achieve – to give a voice to session stylists, to create networking opportunities for business owners and to celebrate creative talents in new and interesting ways. Twenty years down the line and it’s exciting to see how we’ve grown – Most Wanted! The It List! Salon Smart! Self/Styled! Launching into Ireland! – and how our readers have grown with us. The opportunities for hairdressers now are huge. But there’s so much more to be done, and our passion for the industry burns as brightly as ever. Plenty more to come from Creative HEAD!”
Catherine Handcock, publisher, Creative HEAD

Birthdays are so fleeting. Just 24 hours. Nah, we can do better than that. A birthday week? Pffft. A birthday month? Keep talking… let’s make it a birthday YEAR! Yup, 2020 sees Creative HEAD celebrating its 20th birthday, and we’re going to party like it’s 1999… (plus one).

These past two decades have seen an incredible amount of change for the industry, and for us as a brand, and both in print and online we’ll be revisiting some of those major flashpoints and considering the lasting impact of that period on us all. For example, we asked 20 visionary hairdressers to look back over their career and select the look or image that they consider their favourite from the past 20 years. It’s a marvellous melange of styles, inspirations and stories – click here for a walk down memory lane. There will be so much more to come, and we’ll be asking you to get involved too – keep an eye on #CHturns20 on @creativeheadmag to see how you can share in the birthday fun…