Have sweet hair dreams thanks to Color Wow

Gail Federici is on a mission. A serial beauty problem solver, the Color Wow chief executive and founder wants to create smarter, faster and safer ways of protecting and styling coloured hair

She’s created a capsule collection of products with ground-breaking, innovative formulas from Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, to a full Dream Regime including Color Security Shampoo that leaves nothing behind but clean, fresh, glossy hair to solve all of the issues that come with coloured hair.

If your clients are chasing that unrealistic, ultra-filtered look, then you might want to introduce them to Color Wow’s Dream Filter. It quickly and effectively extracts all of the unwanted minerals and metals that can be found in hard water, which can interfere with your colour work.


Hair is left perfectly primed for colour, with a bright, shiny and super-soft finish. Simply spray on before the shampoo and leave for a couple of minutes to activate. This spray doesn’t strip hair, dehydrate or damage – it’s pretty magical stuff!

Dream Filter has already won legions of fans, including our very first It Guy winner, Chris Appleton. The finish it leaves, both when you’re prepping for colour or styling, means you have the best canvas to work with.

<< Sneak peek!

Want an even more gleaming finish? Keep your eyes peeled for the Color Wow EXTRA Mist-ical Shine Spray, landing in October. With technology light years ahead, the clever bods at Color Wow have created a next-level shine spray to light up hair with intense gloss without weighing it down. Forget chunky glitter or wet sheen, this is like a real life KiraKira sparkling Instagram feature!