Help your clients write their own hair story

TIGI’s Creative Consultation Expert Course is the perfect opening paragraph to a new hair story, setting the tone and guiding your client – the main character – through their latest hair adventure…

Every client story is worth telling. The TIGI Copyright range begins with bespoke colour and treatments, followed by revolutionary styling products and a perfect ending of customised aftercare, so clients’ style will live happily ever after. With the stage set for a beautiful transformation, their story begins with the consultation.

Navigate the tricky consultation phase like a pro and learn to tell your client’s story through colour with TIGI’s Creative Consultation Expert course. New for 2019, it’s designed to help colourists elevate their services by nailing the consultation phase every time.

Learning to effectively communicate colour options and changes with every type of client is no mean feat. This course teaches stylists how to adapt their style and language to result in more positive experiences, both for them and their client. Learning how to adapt and craft a winning colour that suits their situation and their personality… that’s the dream that TIGI can make a reality.

This advanced approach to consultation focuses on personalising a colour story to suit every client, allowing you to confidently meet their vision with flattering tones that are perfect for their complexion, personality and unique sense of style.

Forget cookie-cutter options – this is about bespoke, tailored results for each client. Students of the course can expect to gain a host of communication ideas to implement in client consultations, as well as a strong understanding of seasonal trends and how they affect colour techniques and palettes. Students can expect to brush up on their knowledge and understanding of how to creatively intermix TIGI copyright©olour to give a totally bespoke service.

With all of this prep work, participants will have the confidence to write their own story, creating flattering shades for clients that will keep them hooked until the last page. No cliff-hangers here, only thrilled clients.

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