Here’s to the professional difference

Why should a consumer spend their time and money in a hair salon?
You know  – and we know – that the answer is: the professional difference. But what does that actually mean?

It means learning all the time – and paying it forward. After all, new techniques, products and information arrive every. Single. Day. And passionate stylists like you absorb it all! Let’s face it – seasoned hairdressers are some of the best people to learn from; they offer encouragement and understand the difficulties younger people face in the industry because they were once there too. We’re in it together.

It means that magical makeover moment… Watching your clients transform. Is there anything better than that spine-tingling instant when the cape is twirled away and they really see themselves, see what you have achieved? You watch as their self-confidence skyrockets; they’re in awe of what your hands have created. You live for these moments, and you get them, every day.

Remember that teacher who wrote you off? Thought hairdressing was for the kids who couldn’t do anything else? Well, look at you now! A colour and texture expert with an in-depth understanding of chemistry. A cutter so precise, you can slice a right angle blind-folded. An avant-garde interpreter who can reference art history with aplomb. Success in the hairdressing industry requires extensive knowledge in a multitude of areas. You know the colour wheel like the back of our hand. You’re a genius; day in, day out.

At L’Oréal Professionnel they continually ‘push the pro’ to elevate and showcase this wonderful industry we all work in. The years of training. The expertise. The skills in those hands. The ideas in your head. THIS is the professional difference… and what a difference it makes!