How to attract loyal clients after the Christmas rush

by | 9 Jan 2023

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90 per cent of consumers visit the same hair salon every time they go, making loyal clients your most reliable form of revenue generation. In fact, it’s estimated that 80 per cent of future salon revenue comes from 20 per cent of current clients, which is why nailing client retention is so important, especially during those quiet times after the Christmas rush!  

Looking to boost client retention in 2023? Phorest has four top tips to ensure your business thrives in January and beyond.

Get the team onboard

January is the perfect time to go back to basics and implement new protocols, challenges, and goals for the team that keeps your business thriving. Why not set these goals with a main focus on increasing client retention into the new year? Equip yourself with the knowledge needed to succeed by using your salon software’s reporting suite to track retention rates, and use these figures to set realistic targets with generous rewards for team members who work to increase them.

Retention training can cover topics ranging from how to encourage rebooking while the client is in the chair to how to set up automated rebooking SMS & email messages that are triggered to send once the client is due in for their next appointment. Incredibly, a mere 5 per cent boost in customer retention increases profit by 25 per cent, making for a more prosperous working environment for everyone involved in the team.

Offer something they can’t get elsewhere

This year, salons should adapt to the ‘experience economy’ as consumers expect services to be more personal and memorable than ever before. In an increasingly isolated world, clients are seeking connection, personalisation, and authentic care from their hair stylists.

When asked what would improve their visits to their regular salon, consumers rarely mentioned pricing or services, focusing largely instead on memorable extras that added value, such as:

Barista-style coffee 
Reliable WiFi
Silent services
Longer opening hours

By elevating the ‘value-adding’ services your salon provides, you can future-proof your business to make it a place where clients come back to feel connected to and cared for. 

Establish a salon loyalty programme

Salon loyalty programmes have been proven to boost retention and increase client satisfaction simultaneously. In Phorest salons, 27 per cent of salon clients awarded with a complimentary service using loyalty points came back in the future to enjoy that same service at full price.

By introducing a salon-specific loyalty programme, such as Phorest’s Treatcard, you have full control over the products, services, and clients involved, and can set it up in a way that suits your business and guarantees revenue generation. Proper limit-setting means you can always make approximately 14 times the price of a ‘treat’ from a client before they can use their points to purchase it, diversifying their salon experience while boosting both retention and revenue. 

Make booking quicker and easier

84 per cent of hair salon clients who book over the phone say that they would rather do so online, showing an ever-increasing desire for convenience and flexibility. Give these clients what they want by implementing online booking or a salon-branded app to make booking quicker, easier, and more digital. If you already offer these services, market them!

Go a step further by providing remote video consultations for suitable services, keeping clients in the loop without having to visit your physical salon space, and showing them you care from beyond the salon floor. Convenience is everything, and a quick, convenient, and memorable service makes all the difference when encouraging clients to return to your business over others.

Whether you’re ready to change up your salon offerings, implement a loyalty program, or just invest in some training for staff, there are several ways to boost client retention, increase revenue, and ensure client satisfaction in your salon, in the New Year and beyond.


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