How to maintain a solid retail income (even during a pandemic) with Hairstory

Meet the products that work hard to look after your clients’ hair, and can help look after your bank balance.

Let us explain. You may have heard of Hairstory via their mission to revolutionise the way we approach haircare with New Wash, but what you may not know about is their support for stylists.

You see, we know that meeting living costs when the salon doors are shut is tough, and that the traditional hairdressing retail model doesn’t always cut it in the online world. However, Hairstory runs a unique e-commerce affiliate program that pays professionals income from sales they drive, wherever those sales are made. That means that if your client goes and purchases directly via or even  Amazon, the commission still comes back to you.

And that commission is substantial – we’re not just talking a couple of pennies here and there. Twenty-five per cent of the purchase price lands in your bank account following that first affiliate sale… and you earn that same percentage for every client purchase thereafter.

Want to find out more? Hear direct from a fellow hair professional about how partnering with Hairstory helped him make it through lockdown in the spring, and supplemented his income to the tune of over $1,000 a month when he returned to the salon.

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