How to make your retail rock

You’ve perfected your professional services but how do you make your salon a retail success too?

Get creative

Live True London

Chapter One


“We do a Black Friday evening retail event that becomes a party. I reduce the prices to encourage new customers and build a real buzz. It’s always fantastic and counts towards 40 per cent of our festive retail takings.”
Navidi Hair Company, @navidihairco 

We merchandise in a way that makes products easy to find. We believe products that are at eye level are at ‘buy level.’”
One 2 One Hair, @one2onemayfair

“We like to use incentives and make a bit of a game of it. We often play ‘Chase the Tenner’ – when a stylist sells a product they hold a £10 note, until the next person sells and then they take it. Whomever is holding onto it at the end of the day gets to keep it!”
Funky Divas, @funkydivassalons

“Giving samples to people who are more reserved about buying is a great way to make sure they take them home. It reminds them that we are thinking of them and their hair needs at all times.”
Daniel Ford Hairdressing, @danielfordhair

It’s the little things…

One 2 One Hair

“The retail area has to be spotlessly clean and every box and bottle dust free. No-one will buy a dirty product.”
Michelle Marshall Salon, @michellemarshallsalon

“Rather than referring to ‘retail’ we call it a ‘recommendation to our clients’, as it is part of their journey to fabulous hair. Because we’re passionate about products, telling our customers feels natural.”
Funky Divas @funkydivassalons

“Use all possible space. We have a room where clients go to relax while their colour develops. Last year we had a Christmas tree with all of our festive offerings from Redken underneath. Our clients could spend time relaxing and decide which gift to purchase.”
Color Code, @colorcode_hairsalon

Funky Divas

CeCe’s Hair MakeUp & Beauty

“Put products in clear categories so clients can easily find what they want, such as putting all products for fine hair together.”
One 2 One Hair, @one2onemayfair

“Let customers see, touch, smell and try the products before they buy. You’ll see the rewards. Not just on your profit line but in your salon service growth.”
du beau, @dubeauhair

Be social

We send out a monthly newsletter that includes the retail we’re pushing, along with the services we’re focusing on. We share on social media to target as much of our audience as possible.”
Michelle Marshall Salon, @michellemarshallsalon

“We ran a ‘12 days of Christmas’ sale, with a different deal revealed each day. It was a mixture of services and products and we promoted it on social media, too. It really got a buzz in the salon.”
Navidi Hair Company, @navidihairco

“The team decides which product should be under the social media spotlight for the week as it needs to be something we love. It’s easier to sell it if you really believe in it.”
Daniel Ford Hairdressing, @danielfordhair

“We often use social media to let our customers know about deals or when items are back in stock. People are far more likely to scroll through and take notice of our posts then drop by the salon on the off chance!”
Funky Divas, @funkydivassalons

Education = confidence

“We assess our clients’ hair, listen to their needs, and how much time they have to spend styling it. Only then are we able to educate them on what products they should invest in.”
Color Code, @colorcode_hairsalon

“We geek-out on knowledge and formulas so my team and I make sure we’re up-to- date with the new product launches and education at Redken HQ.”
Blue Mango, @bluemangosalon

“Don’t overwhelm clients with too much choice. We know our products inside out but we can’t expect them to feel
the same. It’s better to make suggestions that come from great education.”
One 2 One Hair, @one2onemayfair

“Get your staff to come on the journey with you and believe in what they’re talking about. We know our best salespeople in the salon will always recommend the products they have at home.”
du beau, @dubeauhair

“Our stylists are trained to the highest standard and part of this means getting in-depth product education. During staff meetings we all discuss what we’re loving from the salon and any particular tips other stylists have found.”
Funky Divas, @funkydivassalons

Compliments of the season

You’ll have seen the smile on your client’s face when they hear a compliment, so let Redken help you deliver smiles all round with its Christmas gift sets, each with its own positive praise-packed message… because compliments are a gift we all deserve!

There are five gorgeous limited-edition Christmas collections available, each including a best-selling Redken prescriptive hero haircare range and the iconic multi-purpose treatment, One United. And the really fun part? Each set also includes a compliment card for your client to create their own message and pass it on to their loved ones. And for those clients looking to create their own gift combination? Redken has your back! There are compliment crackers containing travel sizes and a drawstring bag that can be offered as a gift with purchase, giving them the chance to curate the ideal haircare gift with good vibes for friends and loved ones. A fabulous festive season and a red-hot retail time, guaranteed! That’s Redken’s gift to you…


Attract new consumers and get existing clients wanting to shop by posting your seasonal offers on social media. Bring in passers-by from the street with exciting window displays.

Create dedicated gifting zones to make your salon an easy and enticing place to shop, and have clear shelf navigation so that your gift offering is hard to ignore.

By placing an incentive poster in the staff room, managers can motivate teams to sell the most. You can also empower your clients to leave some love for their stylist with a compliment ‘tip slip’ at reception.