Can you manifest your way to better wellbeing? Salon owner at Ego Hair Design Caroline Sanderson certainly thinks so. She shares her tips for how to channel your energy to the right place

Caroline Sanderson
Caroline Sanderson


“Manifesting is a really key element of wellbeing in my opinion, and something that works for me, but the biggest myth around manifestation is that it’s just three steps; ask, believe, receive,” Caroline of Ego Hair Design explains. “This won’t work because there are parts missing. Like taking inspired ACTION for one! Asking isn’t enough, we can ask from the wrong state and when we ask from a ‘move away’ state.

“As in, ‘I want to move away from these results I don’t like’, we actually attract more of the thing we want to move away from, because it’s where our focus is. Where our focus goes, energy flows, and things grow!”

Asking for money because we are in a place of lack, and because we want to ‘move away’ from that lack, and really feel resistance and unhappiness in that lack, just brings more lack. We must think of what we want instead, a ‘move towards’ goal, and feel the feeling of having that, so in this case, abundance. THEN you follow with inspired action towards it.


Two steps for successful manifestation

1) Focus on the desire what you want to move toward.

2) Take action to move towards it without fear or emotion around ‘not’ achieving it, believe it to already be yours.


This combination of asking from a place of desire and acting as if it’s already yours, teamed with taking action towards the goal is the key to manifesting – asking and believing isn’t enough to receive. 


If you’re a beginner you can follow my manifesting mastery steps

ASK – give focus and feeling to the desire of what you want and make it clear and a ‘move towards’ goal.
ACT – act as if it already yours, really get into the feeling as if you have it, how would that feel? Really feel and visualise and have fun with acting as if you have it.
ACCEPT – accept it’s coming and believe it’s yours, just like you would if you were ordering from a menu in a restaurant, you don’t spend time worrying if it will arrive or not, you just know it will.
ACQUIRE – have the self worth to receive it, you have to make sure there are no limiting beliefs and blocks stopping you from attracting it into your life (how to do that is another story!)
AGAIN – keep practicing again and again.