Bring in more clients and high-profile names with these simple tips from Content Kweens’ Ben Lifton 

Ben Lifton Content Kweens

It’s becoming increasingly more important in the current age of social media to set yourself apart from the rest in the industry. It can become tedious and repetitive for clients to see the same content and services from every salon and so to attract the clients you want; you must differentiate your social presence from your competitors. 

Ben Lifton of Content Kweens understands exactly this and works to share his knowledge in building the labour of love that is your social media platforms to generate more revenue. Here he shares some top tips to help your transform your presence online.

Market yourself properly online 

“There’s a reason why so many hairstylists and hair salons are going out of business at the moment,” Ben explains. “They don’t see the importance of generating new leads regularly into their business.” 

Begin with the basic level of marketing your business online, this enables you to build the knowledge and progress to intermediate and then advanced marketing techniques, which will result in a constant flow of new clients.


Articulate your value 

Your social media should give a clear understanding of the value in what you do. You may be losing clients if they view another stylist or salon as having more points of value. 

“That salon or stylist over there might be offering something which the client perceives as more important than what you’re currently offering. You just need to think about the way you’re portraying yourself inside your content on social media,” says Ben.  

Ben suggests posing yourself these two questions: ‘Do clients really see what I’m doing?’ and ‘do they understand the value in what I’m offering?’  

Create a content strategy 
This is a fancy way of saying ‘plan-of-action’. Ben describes two forms of content that work well for maintaining your presence on social media. The first one is ‘discovery content’ which typically has a high engagement rate and pique’s the interest of potential clientele much easier, who will then buy into you and your brand. 

So, what does that look like? “It could look like a transformation video, starting off with some process porn and going into a gorgeous, shimmery result,” Ben says. “Alternatively, if it is on brand for you, you could use a trending sound from TikTok or one of those trending dances – basically anything that’s going to get eyeballs onto your brand.”  

Ben’s top tip: It’s got to be entertaining, short, snappy.

The second form of content that can also attract clients is ‘nurturing content’ which often has less engagement but is very important, as this is where you’ll notice the difference. 
“Nurturing content could be something as simple as publishing your price list or sharing reviews, for example on a carousel.” 

You need to have a good mix of the two for your content to work. “The discovery content brings people into your sales funnel and then the nurturing content will turn them into a lead or potential client.” The chain repeats like this, to put it simply “lather, rinse, repeat” Ben jokes. 

Ben created an Instagram content challenge for his Content Kweens subscribers that he calls the ‘heritage piece’. “It takes your community through the necessary stages to build trust with you, understand more about you as an artist and warm them up to you.” 

The challenge consists of daily Instagram story or feed posts with prompts as to what to capture each day to maintain the relationships and social interactions with clients and potential clients, resulting in brand expansion and building your business. 

Content Kweens also offer a Social Superstar course to make your social media look better – and fast. It gives you access to over 100 step-by-step training videos for industry professionals, it is suitable for freelancers and salon owners alike and you can sign up and sink your teeth into the content immediately – what a way to get ahead of the game!